Make Your Escape Room Challenge for Kids

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Right present, escape room programs are highly trendy. Finding one which is a great fit for your children’s age can be difficult. So I decided to develop an at-home amazing experience for my children to attempt, and it turned out to be a lot of fun. It’s a perfect opportunity to have the youngsters away from their electronic games, and it’s ideal for even a family activity night!

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This is how to create your kid-friendly escape room contest:

Buy a Lock

To begin, purchase a lock that requires a set of digits to open it and may be changed to a different mix multiple times. Another option is to employ a lock and key and let one of the hints reveal the location of the key. Another approach is to use bike locks.

Next, I created and produced many clues, as well as tasks for the children to complete. I tried to be sneaky and make a few of the solutions digits plus a few double-digit responses in the hopes that they might sift out all the ones that weren’t required. To keep B (age 11) engaged, I created more difficult problems.

Make Clues

I placed all or most of the hints in almost the same location (the dining room), and they had to work it all out in that area. That seems to be the ideal place to begin. These are simple possibilities, and it’s fine to utilize simpler problems for younger children as well as a more difficult sequence for older children. As a result, each kid would have the opportunity to lead the route in answering one of several hints.

Escape room puzzle ideas

  • I developed a code that had to be deciphered. The solution was “11,” which was insufficient to open the door. I scrunched the sheet and stashed it in a corner of the living room while hiding the passcode in another. They had to track them down and find out how they fit properly.
  • I also utilized a Math Problem from Learn with Lessons as a hint. You have a multitude of choices to choose from.
  • I chose the one which I thought would’ve been challenging but not quite so difficult. The amount that would be the hint is filled in. This hint was likewise a non-necessary two-digit number.
  • The following hint was a simple alphanumeric code to decode. “7” is the solution. S seems to be the alphabet’s 19th character, E seems to be the 5th character, V seems to be the 22nd character, and so on.
  • downloaded a hint via Brain Fans, which has a variety of special problems to choose from. For every one of the problems they have, the solutions are provided.

There is no right or wrong way to go about it. The hints can be made and hidden in a variety of ways. You could create the hints as simple or as difficult as you will need them to be for various ages of children. We had a wonderful experience. The entire family had a good time. Thank you for choosing our article! Peace.