Marketing for Tech Startups

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20% of startups fail in the first year, 50% fail in the first five years, and 70% of startups fail in the first ten years. 40% of startups work at breakeven, 30% are profitable, and 30% keep on losing money. One of the biggest reasons for startup failures is the deficiency of funds and low cashflows.

There are many theories about what works well and what doesn’t work for the success of a startup. For instance, many believe that a well-funded startup has the most success rates. And this is true to some extent, but the ratio of well-funded startup success is only 14%. Hence there are no blueprints to follow for becoming a successful entrepreneur or make your startup a global success. Endurance, consistency, the right business model, and appropriate funds all contribute to your startup success. And these can be learned through experience. We have picked up some platforms that can give you guiding principles to get started with your business idea.

The first one is Startup Magazine, an online platform for young entrepreneurs. They will get an opportunity to discuss their startup needs like capital issues, fund raising, or other services and will be connected right away to the service providers by the team of startup magazine. Besides, you can find a lot of relevant information to fuel up your startup regardless of where you reside in the world. An exclusive opportunity to list your startup in their startup directory and promotion on the social media platform is also a part of the deal. And most of all, their dedicated team will always be up to help you and give you valuable tips tailored for your business.

The second one is High-tech Magazine, which is an exclusive platform for innovation lovers and tech startups. Their team is always busy in helping tech startups to grow. They will add your startup to promotional listings on their social media platform. You will be getting the right help for your tech startups from the professionals and featuring your high-tech startup in their exclusive directory. Besides that, tailored tips and consultation and information like technical guides and articles in the form of blogs is also there to help you.

The third one is Cyber Security Magazine, also the product of the same team as of Startup Magazine. The purpose of this dedicated cybersecurity magazine is to cater to the needs of cybersecurity lovers and innovators exclusively. They have integrated everything on one platform so that you don’t have to look for scattered information on Google. Best cybersecurity certifications, jobs & courses, and network & security information are present in Cyber Security Magazine.