Medical Insurance in Dubai – A way of Life

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Health is the greatest possession. It is mandatory to have medical insurance Dubai. Dubai is always busy and on the move. People live a non-stop lifestyle with a lot of hustle and bustle throughout the day. They frequent friends and family as well as live an active life doing errands and completing their list of chores. The hectic routine makes it impossible to escape the numerous health conditions and medical ailments. The laws in Dubai which are put by the Dubai Health Authority require all inhabitants to procure a level of health and medical insurance meeting or exceeding the minimum benefits. They further instruct the employer to provide this medical insurance for his employees without deducting any amount for insurance from the emoluments of the employee.

 In today’s times, a change in lifestyles and habits, a rise in pollution levels, and several other factors severely affect the health of people leading to numerous health conditions and medical diseases. This leads to expensive treatments with huge bills which may not be fully covered by the group insurance taken up by the employer. These expenses may thereby strain one’s financial situation. To safeguard one’s money against such high medical costs and unnecessary stress, it is imperative to invest in health and medical insurance plans. These plans, if chosen wisely, will take the burden off one’s shoulders in case of any emergency or other medical condition. They cover overall expenses related to hospitalization, medication, and miscellaneous costs such as ambulance charges, visiting charges, and any other miscellaneous expenses. One receives the best medical care without worrying about paying hard cash. There are different plans available as per an individual’s need and the medical insurance cover can be increased as per one’s requirement. There are several options of add-ons and top-ups to cover any further costs. The main benefits of medical insurance in Dubai are outlined hereunder:

  • Coverage against life-threatening diseases and illnesses: Diseases such as stroke, kidney failure, loss of limbs, bone marrow transplant, etc. cost huge sums of money for their treatment. An insurance plan or policy, as is commonly known, can help bear the costs from diagnosis to daily expenses and other obligations. One may select a standalone policy or a rider as is suitable. As per policy terms, one may, upon diagnosis of any such life-threatening illness or disease, receive a lump sum amount.
  • Cashless claim settlement: Insurance providers offer cashless benefits where one does not have to make any cash payment. The cost of medical treatment is settled without any out-of-pocket payment. The policy provided direct transfer of the benefit to the hospital. Once the patient is admitted, which is a mandatory condition in this policy, all the costs related to the treatment are borne by the insurance company. A pre-authorization card is issued to the insurer which can be produced at the time of hospitalization to avail of the cashless facility.
  • Additional Protection cover: Taking up a health plan is an additional benefit if covered under health and medical plans taken up by the employer. Since the policy is customized as per individual needs, it supplements the group insurance plan taken by the employer. In case the group insurance taken by the employer ceases to exist due to loss of a job or a change in employment, personal medical insurance plan is a big security in the face of any untoward situation.
  • Tax benefits: The premium paid towards Medical insurance expenses in Dubai is eligible for tax deductions thus making it a very convenient option.

travel insurance in uae is a necessity as well as a protection cover. One can compare the available health and medical insurance options and choose the best suiting individual needs. A wide range of insurance providers offer a wide range of options for health and medical insurance to both employees and employers. The facility to buy medical insurance online makes it befitting to avail to ensure a safety cover in Dubai. Live safe, secure and live healthy!