Mobile App Trends Helping Businesses Thrive

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Whether you’re a business owner or an enthusiasts there plenty of mobile trends that you should know about in 2020. For business owners, it’s essential to keep up to date with what’s going on in the mobile world as it can help most businesses thrive. Here’s a look at some trends that are already dominating 2020 and you’ll be seeing much more of in the decade to come.

Artificial Intelligence

Most people are already familiar with their chatty counterpart and Cortana, Siri and Alexa developers have created amazing AI’s that can pretty much answer any question for you. Now mobile apps are using software to enhance users experience customer experience, which you might feel invades your privacy a little. The AI’s can now use voice recognition to improve the ads and targeting services you see on your device, while its essentially to generate more revenue for businesses, the plus side is you’ll see more suitable ads.

Location Technology

You’ll notice a lot of apps now ask permission for your location once you’ve downloaded them, which makes sense in some cases. Deliveroo, Uber and many more need your location to work correctly, but you might find there a fair few apps asking for the same permission, that might not need it. They want your location so they can sell the information to third parties to again improve advertising and marketing data for future reference. Nothing about it is dangerous, it’s just more information for marketing companies to go off based on where you live and what you’ve downloaded.

Augmented Reality

The most memorable use of the technology is Snapchat and Instagram face filters. While they don’t cost money to download they were the forefront for showing how popular the technology can be. Since then apps such as Pokemon Go is a prime example of how lucrative the tech can be, with 800 million downloads and over one billion dollars in revenue generated. Now the tech is used for brand awareness, Google do this very well by letting you put lifesize animals in your phones camera, its gimmicky but certainly works.

Phone Payment Methods

One of the biggest change ups in the world is the ability to pay for products using your phone. You might not realise it, but the ability and ease has made small transaction increase massively. Contactless users continue to increase every year and while this certainly makes life easier, its constantly worked on to ensure mobile security.