Navigating your smile: Are dental implants appropriate for you? A Guide to Candidacy and Assessment in Englewood Cliffs

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Young woman with implanted teeth, closeup

Your smile speaks about your self-esteem and general health, which is why dental implants are a great option for anyone considering tooth replacement. However, to determine whether dental implants are the best option, a number of factors must be carefully considered. This handbook, written specifically for patients by dental professionals in Englewood Cliffs, explains the evaluation procedure and examines the factors that qualify individuals for dental implants.

Dental implants: What are they?

Let us briefly review dental implants before entering candidacy. Dental implants are biocompatible artificial tooth roots, usually made of titanium, that are surgically inserted into the mandible to hold bridges or replace teeth.

The Importance of Adequate Bone Density: A Key Factor in Candidacy

Sufficient bone density in the mandible is a vital component in establishing eligibility for dental implants. Dentists in Englewood Cliffs can evaluate the amount and quality of the jawbone using cutting-edge imaging methods, such as X-rays, to ensure that they are strong enough to sustain the implant.

Overall Dental Health: A Thorough Analysis

Those who consider dental implants generally have decent oral health. Gum disease is one condition that can affect how well an implant is treated. To address any current oral health concerns, a comprehensive examination of the gums, teeth, and surrounding tissues will be conducted.

Medical History: Considering Your Overall Health

Englewood client residents considering dental implants should disclose their complete medical history. Certain medical conditions, medications, or habits, such as smoking, may affect the success of the implant procedure. Open and honest discussions with dental professionals are crucial during this assessment.

Age and Maturity of Jawbone: A Factor in Implant Success

The maturity and development of the jawbone play a role in dental implant candidacy. Englewood Cliffs residents of various ages are eligible for implants, but the jawbone must be sufficiently developed. Adolescents may need to wait until their jawbones have fully matured.

It will take both you and your Englewood Cliffs dentist’s cooperation to decide if dental implants are correct for you. A thorough evaluation that considers medical history, general oral health, and bone density can be used to create a customized treatment plan. Make an appointment for a consultation with a licensed dentist to discuss the possibilities that dental implants can offer for your oral health and well-being if you have always wanted to fix your smile and get back your confidence.