NESTA and Spencer Institute Provide Solution for Fitness Professionals and Coaches Following COVID-19 Crisis

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The COVID-19 Crisis which has broken throughout the globe has brought major concerns for every sector of the world. More and more people are getting affected and killed by the notorious virus. It has turned out to be a pandemic that has left no part of the world untouched. With the detection of the first coronavirus case in the tiger a few days back, not even the animal territory is spared by the virus.

Due to the community spreading of the virus, many countries have announced a complete lockdown of their respective states. This has led to a steep fall in the growth rate of the global economy. With manufacturing units shut down and import-export activities eliminated, the market has crashed miserably.

This pandemic has not even left the fitness industry at spare. This article discusses how did COVID-19 affect the fitness industry and how the fitness industry is getting digital with times.

How did COVID-19 Affect the Fitness Industry?

The effects of the pandemic on the fitness industry are pretty straight and direct. Due to the worldwide lockdown and the spread of disease through human touch, all the gyms and wellness centers have been shut down. With no one visiting the gyms, the business of the fitness industry has considerably gone down.

In such a situation the livelihood of trainers and fitness advisers is at stake. But to cope up with this stage, the fitness industry has switched to digital means. Many trainers are providing fitness training online to many people. This helps the people to stay healthy and fit and also secure an income for the trainers.

Companies like NESTA and Spencer Institute have taken the initiative to provide a solution to all the fitness enthusiasts in this moment of crisis. The companies have started the circulation of free equipment for fitness training online in the fields of Yoga, Martial Arts, Personal Training, Pilates, Sports Conditioning, etc.

With this initiative by the company, fitness enthusiasts have the chance to work from the comfort of their homes. They do not have to share any profit and are saved from the huge amount of taxes to be paid in cases of having a gym. Personal trainers working from home, provide the clients with various routines, diets which are a combination of regular daily-life works and exercises which can easily be done at the ease of your house.

The best part of this program is that the personal trainers working from home do not have to pay a penny to the company, unless and until they want certification. NESTA and Spencer Institute provide individuals which training tutorials videos, place assessments for the gym set-up, tips and tricks all for a fee. The only paid contribution is made through choosing to appear for a certification exam which would make you a certified personal trainer.

With these small yet noble steps taken by companies like NESTA and Spencer, the fitness industry, as well as the individuals, can get some help to earn a living for their own. The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the world hard and all we can pray for is for everything to get back to normalcy as soon as possible.