Netbase: A Leading Social Media Monitoring Platform That is Transforming Marketing Activities

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Social media monitoring is a term that is often misunderstood. It refers to the collection and evaluation of data from blogs and social media sites and using that information to make informed business and marketing decisions. Brands can easily miss the value of using social media monitoring, as many of them do not take the time to sort through noise filled data. With this approach, brands can easily ignore the activity as not having significant value to them. However, with the right tools, brands can easily tap to the myriad of benefits of using social media monitoring. These tools are encompassed in software such as Netbase. They include;

Social media listening – this is a technique used to gather information about an audience. It is a specific aspect of social media monitoring that involves learning what a target audience hates, loves, or even loves to hate—not just knowing them as prospects but as people.

Social, competitive analysis– due to the transparency of social media as a medium, social media monitoring can be used to go beyond our brands. This includes the investigation of competing brands and an evaluation of their consumers. This can be used to know how the other brands serve their consumers, updates on new products or services they introduce and identify their shortcomings according to their consumers.

Social media sentiment analysis- this is a tool used in gauging emotion aspects in social conversation. By using natural language processing (NPL), social media sentiment analysis categorizes conversations in social media as positive or negative. It is also utilized to evaluate the strength of such emotions. Brands can use it to filter out meaningless conversations during social media analysis.

Image analytics- is a newly introduced feature that analyzes several features on images posted on social media. It analyses and identifies brand images, logos, facial expressions, scenes, geographical location, and much more. It is especially useful in cases where a brand has not been captured in the social text but has been pictured.

How brands can utilize social media monitoring in marketing

Optimization of social content

Through social media marketing, brands can determine which online platforms are most popular among their consumers. This can be used to achieve maximum levels of engagements online, which can only be made possible by optimizing social content to the preference of the brand’s audience preferences.

Monitoring brand image

A brand can utilize social media monitoring for monitoring mentions and talks about their products and images. Social media data collected from social media monitoring indicates who is talking about your brand and the kind of image portrayed on the brand, whether it is positive or negative. By tapping onto this information, brands can address customer complaints and thank appreciative customers.

Identification of influential customers

Influential customers include those that have a large following and are willing to share about your brand to their followers. 92% of customers tend to trust an individual’s recommendation on a product more than the product’s brand message. This does not change even if the individual is a total stranger.

Informing content strategy

By following what customers are posting and sharing about, a brand can determine how to formulate a more suitable content strategy that remedies concerns and offers answers to client questions.

About Netbase

Netbase is a software package designed for advertisers, market researchers, brand and product managers to establish what their consumers are saying about their brand. It offers a range of tools that utilize semantic technology to evaluate insights from billions of social media sites. The platform not only provides insights on public Data Analytics Solutions information but also private. It offers data like natural language. By using Netbase, brands and other service providers can tap onto the great source of information that social media sites provide. They can, therefore, use social media to leverage their efforts in brand promotion.