Ocean Journey Following Dolphins and Whales off the Shores of Tenerife

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Ocean Journey Following Dolphins and Whales off the Shores of Tenerife

Tenerife is deservedly considered a unique place for observing marine mammals. In the expanses of the Canary Islands, embraced by the Atlantic Ocean, various species of cetaceans live, including graceful dolphins and majestic pilot whales. Over two dozen species of whales and sperm whales choose this area for their seasonal migration, creating an unparalleled spectacle for marine fauna enthusiasts.

In addition to the main attraction of whale watching in Tenerife, sea excursions also offer the opportunity to see local marine birds, turtles, and rays, making each tour a truly unforgettable adventure that extends beyond just observing whales and dolphins.

Expert guides promise exciting encounters with marine inhabitants, and these promises are often fulfilled. Dolphins and pilot whales, accustomed to the presence of tourist vessels, are not afraid to approach closely, providing a unique opportunity for observation.

Tenerife offers a wide range of tour options: from large-scale pirate shows on big ships that can accommodate up to 100 passengers, to secluded trips on small boats or private yachts. During the excursions, there’s an opportunity to stop for swimming in picturesque coastal spots accessible only by water. For added convenience, drinks and light snacks are provided. Don’t forget to bring swimming gear and sunscreen, and be sure to clarify the details of your route with the organizers beforehand. The starting points for the routes are usually in ports such as Los Cristianos, Puerto Colon, Las Galletas, and Los Gigantes.

Yacht Voyages in Ibiza

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