Online Solar Lead Generation and How It Will Benefit You As Well As Your Clients

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The solar market is expanding rapidly and more and more people are choosing solar for their commercial and residential energy needs. However, many solar installation services still struggle to find qualified solar leads and grow their business. To be honest, getting qualified residential and commercial solar leads needs you to put in a lot more effort than just shelling out your marketing budget on securing a billboard. For solar lead generation, you have to create interest in the services you offer, present your USPs, and convince the targeted solar leads to pick you over the competitors.

There are some major challenges that companies face in the brick and mortar solar lead generation, and that is why online solar lead generation is touted as beneficial for both service providers and their clients.

Current Solar Lead Generation Challenges

Some common challenges in the conventional solar lead generation process include:

  • High Costs: The high up-front and out-of-pocket costs combined with the long duration for payments generally discourage a large number of customers from solar panel installation.
  • Confidence is Lacking: Even in today’s sophisticated world, a vast majority of the prospects still don’t know exactly how solar technology can benefit them and they lack confidence in the performance of this green energy source.
  • Complex Buying Process: Due to the time-consuming and complicated solar buying and installation process, potential customers often ditch the idea altogether and go for other options.
  • Customer Inertia: The complex buying and slow decision-making in solar sales often lead to customer inertia.

All these factors combine to make solar lead generation a tough ask. Besides, the extra efforts solar installers put in for buying solar leads often results in frustration. Calling potential customers back to back multiple times eventually causes them to stop responding. To tackle all these challenges, online solar lead generation is the best way forward.

What Makes Digital Marketing A Better Option For Solar Lead Generation

With the digital economy making great strides today, and the internet making everything accessible with a few clicks, most customers perform an online search before making any significant purchase. The same is the case with solar prospects as well. They often use the internet for understanding the process of buying solar panels and installing them. In fact, they even perform their cost comparisons online.

So, that’s a big opportunity for all the solar companies out there to get the attention of their prospects by marketing their products online. They can use different digital marketing strategies to generate online solar leads without having to actively push their customers to buy their products.

Some common strategies can include:

  • Live social events
  • Local SEO
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Email campaigns
  • Webinars
  • Google organic search
  • Content marketing
  • Promotional offers
  • Paid search ads

Lead Magnets and opt-in leads can also be a great option for solar companies for generating quality leads. For instance, companies can grab such leads by offering incentives in return for a subscription through a prospect’s email address. These incentives could be anything of interest for the prospects such as an e-book, a useful video, or even some free tips.

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