Five Good Reasons People May Want a Reverse Mortgage

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Are you short on cash but you have your home as your biggest asset? This can be one of the good reverse mortgage solutions for you.

Some situations leave you no way to raise money for your daily expenses, hence, this can be a good solution for you. However, do not take it for granted because the years you spent working for your dream home might end up wasted if you do not pay attention to how reverse mortgage solutions work. Taking a reverse mortgage means that part of the loan proceeds is also spent on fees and interest.

Are you eligible for a reverse mortgage?

While you are thinking of possibly getting one, here are the criteria to qualify for a reverse mortgage.

First, you must be 62 years old or older and you have about 50% equity in your home. The amount will vary depending on the lender.
A counseling session may be required so that you are more aware of what the loan is about and what other options you may have. A financial assessment is important so that the loan will be successful.

The home must also meet several requirements such as being a primary residence, in good condition and meets FHA standards. If it is a condo, it must be on the approved list of condos. The home for the reverse mortgage cannot be a mobile home.

Why do some people get reverse mortgages?

Different people have different reasons for getting a reverse mortgage. Here are some of them.

Comfortable Retirement:

Those homeowners who are near the age of retirement have spent the majority of their adult life probably paying mortgages. Now it’s time to get a monthly payment from their mortgage in addition to their fixed income from several retirement and pension plans. Retiring comfortably and having enough to spend for some nice things in life is a reason why people get a reverse mortgage.

Home Improvement:

When you are retiring, you may want to remodel the house a bit based on how you want it for the rest of the time that you will be living there. Do you want a garden or a pool? Retirees would want their house to fit their lifestyle.


Now that the days of going to the office are behind you, it is time to go out and see the world while you still can. Reverse mortgage solutions have let homeowners enjoy the perks of going on a dream vacation.

Pay Debts:

This is another top reason why people get a reverse mortgage. This can be a good way to deal with the payment of debts and manage other financial obligations.

Hospital Bills:

Medical bills come with age. Having this mortgage can help with the ongoing medical treatments if any, drug maintenance, and payment of medical bills.
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