Outdoor Activities for Your Mental Well-Being

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Your mental health might have suffered a lot during the pandemic. Many have felt that they were isolated from society, even from friends and family, plunging most into the deep and dark sides of our minds. But now that the world is opening up again, many can go out and travel to distant places. As you might know, traveling can help improve your mental health. This is because it exposes you to the sun, gives you a break from your routines, and relieves your stress while engaging in other activities. Certain choices about your vacation destination can be made to help you focus on your mental health. And to help you get started on the right foot, here are some choices:


Fishing is a therapeutic activity that helps give inner peace. You can avail of guided fishing trips that include accommodations, lessons, and other ocean activities to keep you entertained while out in the water. Although some think it is boring, fishing can give you time to think about a few things in your life. As you wait for a fish to bite, you practice patience and turn away from the rush found in the city. If you are on a boat, you might also be lulled by the waves of the sea, letting you relax more while catching fish.

Mountain Cabin

If you need some time alone by yourself, renting out a mountain cabin can be a good idea. Cabins in the forests of mountains can be peaceful places that put you closer to nature and away from civilization. Depending on where you are, you can find different landscapes, plants, and animals to pique your interests. Deeper in the wilderness, expect some cabins not to have electricity. Phone reception might be spotty at best. But all that can give you an authentic experience living without modern technology, which is a good break if your life is dependent on a career centered around computers.


Hiking is another activity the can bring you closer to nature. Hiking is not only a fun activity to go sightseeing in the mountains but also a good exercise for your heart and legs. While following your trail, make sure to stop and admire the view. This is one of the great pleasures of hiking as you get to look at the scenery around you. Just make sure to prepare well. Expect sudden weather changes, bug bites, and possible injuries while on the trail, so pack what you need to ensure that you have a good time while hiking.


Like how long showers can somehow ease your worries and emotions, swimming is an excellent way to relieve stress. Going into the water and simply moving around is already a kind of exercise that helps release hormones responsible for feelings of happiness. You can even mimic cold water therapy just by swimming in cold water. Depending on where you will be swimming, you can interact with nature and see different views that will change your perspective in life. But swimming pools are fine, especially when thinking about safety while swimming.

Beach Walking

If you don’t really want to soak in the water, walking beside it can be just as good. You can always walk on the beach and take in the sounds of the wave breaking on rocks and sand, the calling of birds flying above, and the view of the sky meeting the sea from afar. Try to feel the sand on your feet while thinking about the joys of living. You can also let go of everything and enjoy your break from daily life.

Outdoor Yoga and Meditation

Lastly, yoga and meditation will help with any emotional turbulence inside you. These activities are anchored on breathing exercises that ease stress. Simply bringing your yoga and meditation activities outdoors should give you the benefit of breathing in the fresh air around you.

Getting to the Root

These activities are good to engage in if you are craving the escape from regular life. But it is what it is—just an escape. No matter how often you travel, the negative emotions inside you might still be there at the end of the day. You might only be distracting yourselves temporarily but not addressing the root of the problem.

So it is crucial to find help from the experts and friends and family. And because the pandemic can affect everyone in different ways, it is also good to look out for the people around us. If you feel like they are showing signs of internal struggling, do try to reach out and help in whatever way you can. With this, take care of your mental health even after the pandemic has run its course.

Seeking adventures outside your home in these trying times can be a release from the stress and all you’re feeling right now. But if you don’t address its roots, you might find you won’t enjoy your adventures. Seek help and then get back into the thick of things again.

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meta desc: Because of the stress that the COVID-19 pandemic brought, it is important to engage in outdoor activities that bring you closer to nature and give a positive impact on your life.

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