Peace or Beauty? You don’t have to choose! Menorca has it all

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With the arrival of summer, the desire to go to a warm and beautiful place is always present, because of course it is better to spend this hot season in a beautiful place, and if it is with the sea nearby, much better.

In this regard, Menorca has been climbing positions slowly but progressively. Although it still does not reach the level of recognition that its sisters Majorca and Ibiza have, this factor is also part of its charm, since although the others are better options for those looking for a summer party that does not stop, Menorca is a place shelter for those looking for a calmer, more familiar or even more intimate environment.

There are plenty of things to see and do in this small island

Knowing everything that this island offers, known as the Mediterranean Caribbean, is quite complicated in a single trip. Full of numerous coves and incredible beaches, Menorca is also a UNESCO biosphere reserve since 1993, thus having a perfect balance between tourism and peace that are breathed at all times.

The main access to the island is its airport, so coming with your own car is almost ruled out from the start, however there are plenty of rent a car Menorca services always willing to sort things out for both visitors and locals.

Some must-see places that a visitor shouldn’t miss

 Very close to the airport is the Binibeca Vell town, which is a beautiful place to visit and take photos. It is characterized by impeccable and photogenic white facades in each of the alleys of the town, perfect to record in your travel diary.

Further on is the town of Villacarlos, one of the most interesting places for tourists due to its lively nightlife and numerous offers when it comes to drinks and food. In addition, this town has an important historical value in terms of the conservation of its traditional architectural beauty.

Mahón, the capital, is on the other hand the most lively and crowded place on the entire island because it is here where the main port is located that is constantly receiving boats and visitors.

Further south of the island there are a huge variety of beaches and coves, quite popular with visitors. Although these would not be virgin beaches as they are surrounded by several hotels and resorts, they are still completely crystalline waters on which the boats seem to float, accompanied in turn by very fine sand of an impeccable white color.