Popular Blogging Sites like Twitter Accounts Should Be Tracked for Security Reasons

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One of the most popular blogging site to which most of the youngsters are glued to is the twitter. So, there are many different kinds of social media activity or blogging that you can do on twitter like you can have many friends and also followers, there is also text links in tweets, tweets threading, you can also do group posting, you can also view meta data through various kinds of tools, and there is also a sidebar in which you can view many information about your twitter account. So, if you want to do some best kinds of time pass then and a lot of social media activity like interactions with friends and new people then it is suggested that you use the twitter. But there are also some demerits and merits of using a social media account like twitter which you should be aware of.

Why it is Important to Keep a Track of Your Twitter Account?

One of the things that you cannot understand about twitter is i.e. who visited your profile. So, many curious bloggers have this question like how to see who viewed your Twitter profile? And it is also important for the bloggers to know who actually visited their profile and one of the reasons is that there can be many incidences when your account can be misused by many people or hackers or they can say, take a screen shot of your account and post in other social media account like Facebook. And then it becomes public. People also get to know your name and the posts that you have shared on twitter. So, it is very important that you be aware about the right ways of your using your twitter account and also posting the right content which is not offensive.

Take Help of Analytics Tool –

One of the biggest threats that you can have while using a twitter account is that it can get hacked and also people can misuse your posts. Therefore, it is very important that you keep a track of your twitter activities that you are into be it posting some content or chatting with a friend or the comment sections or as the case may be. So, make sure you know who viewed your twitter profile. And for this you will have to take the help of twitter analytics tool which can be helpful in some ways. But you will not get complete details of the viewers. You will have to use the metrics option to know more about the twitter viewers and other details. So, can you see who viewed your Twitter profile? Well, you can by using the analytics tool which you help you to know the exact number of visitors on your page.