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Popular Carpets 2020

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Carpets are considered as one of the best flooring methods. The carpets are popular all over the world because of the no. of great benefits. Carpets are a fairly large investment but they are fairly worthwhile. They can complement the look of the home and increase its value. The carpet industry is very wide and there are a lot of carpets available in the markets.  Carpets are a versatile flooring option. They are liked in every region, tradition and culture.

Many people think that placing carpet is any easy way to cover the floor with beauty. Yeah, it is easy but it is complicated as well. If you do not know what you exactly want then it will be difficult for you to choose the best carpet among a lot of carpets. First of all, you must be assured which type of carpet you want to place on the floor. After it, you should come to know about its pros and cons. Then decide if it fits in your space or not. If you want to know what carpets are trending nowadays then read this blog. In this blog, I am going to explain some popular carpets 2020.

  • Sustainable Carpets

Sustainable carpets have attained the big attention of people in a short time. These carpets are made up of natural wool and can play an important role in improving the environment of your home. The reason for the big popularity of sustainable carpets is that they can withstand daily wears and tears. You can install them in the high traffic area without worrying about its damage, which makes them an ideal choice for the commercial environment. Sustainable carpets are well resistant to soil and spills. The soil can be removed by regular vacuuming. You can clean these carpets with the harsh chemicals. Their color will not fade and their fiber will look the same as it was before cleaning. Purchase these carpets from those brands that offer 10-15 years warranty.

  • Waterproof Carpets

Waterproof carpets are one of the most popular floorings nowadays. They are unique and different from other carpets. Regular carpets absorb stains and spills, which can dull the carpet look. Whereas waterproof carpets offer easy to clean flooring solutions. These carpets are made up of 100% nylon fiber and waterproof backing. They are less prone to spills and you can easily clean them with the use of your desired carpet cleaner. Waterproof carpet maintains its beauty in difficult moisture conditions. You can install waterproof carpet in any area of the home. Waterproof carpets leave no traces of drink, coffee, stains and spills, which means they can look new for many years.

  • Frieze Carpets

Frieze carpets are also known as twist carpets because each piece of carpet is twisted many times. These carpets are versatile and come in different colors and patterns, which can be installed to make a statement. They perform well in the high traffic area because of their short fibers. They have the ability to maintain their beautiful appearance for a long time. The frieze carpets are very soft and comfortable, on which kids will enjoy while playing.

  • Carpet Tiles

As more and more people are becoming aware of the carpet tiles benefits, the demand for the carpet tiles is increasing. They are the perfect solution for a large family or the family having pets. Many carpet tiles come with a waterproof option which can be installed in the washroom and basement. Carpet tiles come with endless patterns and colors which provide ease to the house owner in the selection of the best style. The carpet tiles can be customized and you can print your brand logo or any graphic on them.

  • Sisal Carpets

Sisal carpet is famous among people because it is an environmental-friendly flooring option. Because it is a natural fiber floor covering, it is non-allergic and non-toxic. They improve the indoor air quality and that is why these carpets are seen in the commercial spaces as well. When it comes to the durability of the sisal carpets, they are the perfect solution for the heavy foot traffic area.