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Protecting Your Equipment With Industrial Painting

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Professional industrial machinery painting in Toronto is essential to keep your equipment in the best condition possible. Regardless of the size of your business, buying any kind of industrial machinery or equipment is a significant investment. However, your responsibility goes far beyond their purchase. Making sure that your investment is in good shape is essential both for your budget and the productivity of your company.

The following will highlight the importance of machinery painting and how it protects your industrial equipment.

What is Machinery Painting?

This is a professional painting service where industrial coating is applied to equipment and machinery for its longevity. Paints for machinery are specifically made to protect any material it covers. Here are the coating available:

  • Direct-to-metal finishes, or DMTs are an anti-corrosive paint directly applied to the metal equipment without a primer. Where there is no preparation required, this is a popular choice of coating.
  • Epoxy is a thick material used to protect metal against abrasion, corrosive fluids, extreme temperature and turbulence. The great thing about this coating is that it is non-toxic and resistant to chemicals, which makes it popular with material like steel, metal, concrete and more.
  • Urethane is a coating that comes in a variety of colours with the ideal UV protection properties, and it is durable. Many OEM operations use this paint coating and it can also be customised for VOC regulations across Toronto.
  • Next is LINE-X paint which is a spray-on coating commonly used on truck bed liners as well as other vehicle parts. This material can also be applied directly to bare steel beams. LINE-X painting can also hide or highlight structural elements of buildings.

Before painting begins, it is important to have all the preparation in order. Your chosen painting contractor may need to steel blast, sandblast, or descaled your equipment depending on their condition. These preparations will remove rust, and a primer may be applied to prevent rusting in the future.

There is a wide range of equipment and material that industrial painting for Toronto businesses can be applied on, in many cases, these are exposed steel and concrete. Here’s where a contractor in Toronto can apply industrial painting:

  • Compressors
  • Construction equipment
  • Exposed steel beams
  • Farm equipment
  • Gas and oil pipelines
  • Machine tools
  • Pumps


The appearance of machinery is the real need to hire painting services to improve the appearance of your equipment. As a business owner, you need to remember that aged-looking equipment speaks badly about your business. Your equipment may have the impression that you neglect or perform poor practices, so it is essential that you keep it in its best condition.

A fresh, new coat of paint can instantly improve the machinery’s aesthetics and the visuals of your facility. Make sure that you choose a colour that reflects the branding of your company as it will boost the appearance, help increase morale and improve how client’s see your business. There are instances where manufacturing contracts can be granted to businesses that are appealing, because potential clients  feel a lot more confident giving you contracts when they feel they are investing in a place that is clean, safe and capable to run efficiently.

Weather Resistance

Industrial painting services from a Toronto company can help protect your equipment from moisture damage. Due to Toronto’s weather, tarnishing, acid rain, although this is hardly the case here, salt air corrosion and rust are never too far from damaging properties and equipment. UV blockers are another great way of keeping equipment from fading due to sunlight at a rapid pace, and your industrial painting won’t easily crack or peel.

Depending on where your business is located, you might experience more chilly weather. Industrial equipment in Toronto, for example, may have high levels of humidity, especially around this time of the year, with varying degrees of rainwater, heat, salty air and more direct sunlight. Hiring a professional industrial painting company in Toronto can be useful for you in these instances.

Thermal Protecting

In many industries, industrial equipment works in buildings with extreme temperatures. With a lack of heat-resistant paint coating, your machinery can easily corrode due to elevated temperatures.

Extended Lifespan


All the painting and protective coating add a few more years to the overall lifespan of your equipment. If your equipment, for example, has been installed for two years, having industrial painting done on it can maximise your return on investment by increasing its life by a year or more. Reapplying paint coating can further extend the life cycle of all your equipment.

At Diotte Coating Services, we perform quality industrial painting on a variety of equipment and machinery along with other areas. We’re at the forefront of industrial painting, sandblasting and more in Toronto. If you’re looking for these services and more, get in touch with us today!