Public Relations Strategy of Tesla and effect on a stock price of NASDAQ TSLA

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Apple is still in its infancy but has improved and expanded its sales and distribution capabilities by opening its own stores in quality retail locations in luxury markets in major cities around the world. The hugely successful Apple retailer provided potential customers with a “hands-on” experience of Apple brand value in an exciting and stress-free environment that allowed them to learn more about Apple’s product family. Like the Apple Store, the Tesla (NASDAQ TSLA) Store is housed in a prominent premium store in the major “trend” metropolitan markets. With the launch of the Model S, we plan to open a total of 50 stores worldwide over the next few years.

The company’s stores also function as showrooms and are designed to inform and inform potential customers about the specific benefits of owning an electric vehicle in general and a Tesla vehicle. The showroom has free snacks, a bar, high-speed internet access and comfortable sofas. In addition, potential customers can test sellers and Tesla cars. Tesla’s customers deal directly with highly qualified and knowledgeable Tesla sales and service personnel to create a shopping experience that is different from the typical shopping experience in traditional car dealerships and service centres. In general, Tesla stores combine retail and service, but in the short term, we plan to build separate sales and service locations in different markets. Tesla’s service options also include an affordable Tesla Mobile Service Van with a focus on servicing Tesla vehicles in remote locations.

Public Relations Strategy

Public Relations Strategy Tesla’s primary public relations objectives are: (1) We will introduce the most influential line of media on electric vehicles and strengthen our position as a leader in the electric vehicle industry. (2) Stress the importance of electric vehicle technologies and demonstrate that they are currently available on a wider market. (3) Strengthen and clarify the Tesla product line strategy (i.e. drive the roadster and continue with the Model S). These were similar Apple goals for the introduction of Macintosh computers, except that Apple’s strategy was aimed at the high-tech industry.

Tesla is federally compliant, and by establishing itself as the first company to commercially produce fully electric vehicles with a market-leading range on a single charge, the company and its vehicles have created a major press release. This interest in media coverage is fueled by a growing list of prominent Tesla owners, including George Clooney and Matt Damon. This zero-cost marketing strategy helped the company to increase in generating more revenue and getting a good return from NASDAQ TSLA. You can check more information from its releases at

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