Quora answers for interior designers in Bangalore 

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There has always been high demand for interior designers in Bangalore, particularly amongst those who have purchased new homes of their own or were  looking to renovate an existing one. The trend continues till today, with Bangalore  being one of the biggest real estate and housing markets in the country, one of its  biggest commercial hubs, arguably India’s largest IT and ITeS hub and of course, a  cosmopolitan city that attracts the best pan-Indian talent. It goes without saying  that the Garden City is a repository of the best, biggest and most preferred brands  in the furniture, décor and interior space. Fastidious and discerning home buyers in  the Southern metropolis also prefer syncing their interiors with their evolved and  dynamic personalities.

Now, when it comes to doing up your interiors in Bangalore, you must have  looked at several online channels already. Finding the top interior designers in  Bangalore is not that difficult, provided you know where and how to look. Social  media is of course a major place to find the best designers while you can also  search online via Google and other search engines and check up reviews and  ratings given by customers and business associates. Additionally, you can refer to  recommendations from family and friends. Quora is another great platform where  you can find answers given by people in Bangalore on this topic.

Key insights from Quora answers that you can check 

People on Quora and other digital platforms are unequivocal about the huge  diversity and volumes of interior design firms in the city. And they are also clear  about the fact that finding the very best or top designer is always a tough task.  There are a few conditions that fellow home owners on Quora and similar

platforms have put forward for choosing the best interior design firm for doing up  your home.

These include the following:

  • The interior design firm should always stick within the allocated budget of the client.
  • The firm’s designers should be able to visualize what the client wants, i.e. they should have creative imagination and expression abilities while being able to provide ideas for decorating particular spaces.
  • Designers should always be punctual with their work, appointments and so on. They should complete work within the given time period.
  • They should emphasize highly on the quality of raw materials that are being  used for the interior design project.
  • Designers should also leave the home absolutely clean and well maintained while handing over possession to the clients or occupants.

These are some pointers that will help customers choose Bangalore’s top interior  design firm. The likes of Bonito Designs and others may be a good fit as per  several recommendations. The interior decoration field is highly specialized and  requires immense expertise in aesthetics, art, creativity and planning alike. Good  management of interior design jobs is another plus point that should be kept in  mind. Also, there should be a clear demarcation between commercial and  residential interior projects.


Choosing an interior designer in Bangalore can be done by checking out reviews  and inputs on Quora and other platforms. Make sure that you keep some handy  pointers in mind before taking any final decision.