Reasons To Add An Extension To Your Home

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Love your home but feel like you are running out of space? Want to move in other members of your family but don’t have the room? Consider adding an extension rather than sell up and buying another property.

If you like to live in the area or neighbourhood you live in, building an extension will not affect your lifestyle. It will also mean you don’t have to go through the costs of a house sale and new home purchase.

The needs of the average family change over the years from having small children to a house full of teenagers or young adults. It is only natural that families will want a bigger house, and why so many face the very decision over whether to sell up or extend the current property. 

Moving can be a stressful and costly experience. While an extension to your home isn’t cheap, the added value you will see on your current property will make the stresses of a renovation build all the more worthwhile. It is estimated that an extension of one room can add 30% to the value of your home.

Extensions add value to your home, regardless of size. A basement or attic extension, which usually means an additional bedroom, is one of the easiest ways to add value. A conservatory that creates more living space also adds value, but not as much as a new bedroom. 

You can choose from many creative ideas for extending your home to give your home the size and space that you need. You can expand your house and add a bit of luxury to your life, and sites like DailyHomeList.com provide many ideas.

It could be a garden room you add, a conservatory, extension of your kitchen or living space perhaps to create something open plan, more bedrooms or bathrooms – the list of uses is endless. You may want to add an office, study or gym to your home. Or you may want to add a baby room or a playroom for the children.

By adding an extension, you can create a self-contained granny annex that allows you to live with a large family, but not on top of each other. Expanding your home will ensure the harmony of your families in a multi-generational home and give you the option of moving elderly parents in.

Before embarking on an extension build, make sure your plans comply with all planning, laws and regulations. There can be hidden problems develop further down the line when the proper preparation hasn’t been adhered to.

You can turn basements and attics into additional rooms without the need for planning permission as the alterations are internal. If you are growing the house outwards into the garden or sidewards, then you will need to get the right permissions to proceed.

Just remember, finding the right contractor to design and build the extension is a crucial part of ensuring it is as successful as possible.