Recreational and Special Vehicles You Need To Insure

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Everyone knows they need to have car insurance, but when someone purchases a recreational vehicle, they often don’t know about insurance requirements. Here are several types of vehicles, besides your car, that need special insurance of their own.

RVs and Campers

There’s nothing like the great outdoors, especially during a pandemic. If you’re lucky enough to own an RV or camper, contact your insurance agency Newark DE to include it on your policy. Recreational vehicles are a huge investment and need to be protected and your agent will explain what you need.


When you buy the motorcycle of your dreams, you definitely need to insure your new “toy”. Whether or not motorcycle insurance is mandatory in your state, you’ll still want to protect against damage to your bike, injuries against others and theft of the motorcycle. Ignoring insurance is just asking for trouble.

Boats and Watercraft

Before you launch off for a day of fun on the water, make sure your boat or personal watercraft is insured. While most states don’t require boat or jet ski insurance, if you’re a victim of vandalism or theft, you’ll wish you had protected yourself. Plus, many marinas require boat insurance if you decide to dock there.

Classic Cars

Your classic antique car brings you a lot of joyful memories. Even though you might not drive it often, it still has to be insured. A collectible car can fall under different categories depending on how often it’s driven, what it’s worth and how it’s stored. Your insurance agent will advise you on the proper insurance based on these factors.

Special Vehicles

Owning an RV, motorcycle, boat or classic car is the stuff that dreams are made of. When you finally acquire one of these special vehicles, make sure it’s adequately insured. Speaking to a qualified insurance agent will get you exactly the right amount of insurance for your specific needs.