Rehab Facilities in Missouri Sound Alarming Rise in Generation Holiday Substance Abuse

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Holiday drug use is significant, and that is a scary thought. However, what is even morealarming is how your holiday alcohol or substance abuse is impacting the behavior of the children around you. Although it is often under-looked, this is one of the most dangerous issues that crop up due to holiday substance use.Drug rehabs in Missouri have come across such cases. It is a commonly known fact that children model the behavior of the adults around them. Children learn how to interact at functions, how to celebrate holidays, and how to cope with mental issues based on the lessons of their family members. This means, if a child watches their parents or other family members abuse substances and alcohol around the holidays, this is how they will be inspired to behave like adults.

For instance, if a child watches their family ger together every Christmas and binge drink, they will be inspired to do the same as they get older. They will want to mimic the patterns of their family members that they viewed at their “happiest” during the holiday season.

More tragically, a child may become inspired by their own tragic life events. If their mother passes away during Christmas Eve due to an overdose, they may possibly develop PTSD that influences their future Christmas Eve celebrations. Worse yet, these mental and emotions that lead to anxiety and depression during the season in which they lost their mom may lead them down the road of addiction as they get older.

These negative behavior patterns and holiday traditions have a way of passing from generation to generation, and they may be problematic for years to come. For this reason, our Missouri drug rehabilitation counselor will want you to understand how important dual-diagnosisis to treatment and overcoming your addiction.

Dual Diagnosis

This method was created for those struggling with both mental illness and drug or alcohol addiction. With this method, the mental health element of your addiction is assessed, and counselors help you manage it. The idea with this method is that mental health and the dependency on drugs or alcohol tend to go hand in hand. Together, they worsen each other and create an extremely complicated behavior within your mind and body.

At our outpatient rehab facility, both of your problems will be treated at the same time, and an effective treatment plan will be created. You will not only go through detox and a 12-step program, but you will also be given proper support and care that will help you overcome your problems. This plan will help you manage your depression and anxiety better and will help you learn your triggers and how to avoid (or work through) them.

Please contact our Missouri drug rehabilitation center today if you are ready to get help before the holidays hit in full swing. Make a move that will stop another generation from succumbing to substance or alcohol abuse.