Save Cash By Working On Your Own Car

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Buying a car requires a lot of decision making. There are so many factors you need to consider before going for anything particular. Again, maintaining your car matters too so that it runs efficiently for a longer period of time. The more time you give in keeping it in top condition, the better chances of you not suffering from any out of the pocket cost. Car repair can take a lot from your bank account if you are not being careful. 

Also, if you are a regular car user, you would want it to work efficiently. Rather than spending money with outside maintenance shops, you are looking for ways by which you could save money on your car. With, 1/2 inch drive 70 piece TIGHTSPOT impact socket set, you would lower the annual average cost that any car owner would spend, these DIY care hacks would help you keep your car working during the usage lifetime. 

But before physically executing these tips, you must have an understanding of the mechanism of your car. This is why reading the manual of the car is vital. Also, observe the fluids, lights, belts, paints, and tyres to make sure they are not out of place. 

There are many car maintenance routines that you could perform all by yourself. They would save you both time and money. Here are some of them that would prove to be helpful. 

Changing the Air Filter

You must change your air filter every 12 months or when you cross 12,000 miles. And, this could be easily done with DIY tutorials that are available. You could take them to a mechanic but doing it yourself would hardly take 15-20 minutes. 

It usually is located under the hood, in a black rectangular box. But if you cannot find it, look at the manual for it might sometimes differ from model to model. With 1/2 inch drive 70 piece TIGHTSPOT impact socket set, you could easily change the air filter but make sure to point out and see how the old one is fitted and which way, ensure you close it tightly. 


Spark Plugs

You need to change the spark plugs once you reach the mile of 30,000. Or it might differ depending on your car, therefore always be thorough with your car manual. Though it may seem a little intense, the whole process is really easy. Just installing the specifics in the right manner is essential. Depending on the number of cylinders present in your car you would find it could be four, six, or even eight. Do not remove all of them at the same time as they have been installed in a specific manner. 

With 3/8 Inch drive 84 piece TIGHTSPOT impact socket set, you would also require rocket or socket wrench, spark plug socket, and 12” socket extension. 

Changing Oil and Oil Filter

According to experts, you should be changing your oil after completing 30,000 miles. But again when you use quality products and maintain it from the beginning, it could go up to 50,000 miles. But, never forget to cool down the engine before you change the oil. Running the car around the neighborhood might help in draining the oil effectively but before opening the oil filter and changing it, cool it down. 

This might seem the dirtiest among all of the DIY car maintenance jobs but it is a satisfactory one. You might find various quick gas stations who perform oil change but when you have to do it maybe twice or four times a year, this might become expensive and time-consuming. 

Cleaning the Car Radiator

A radiator flush is important so that the cooling system of your car works effectively and efficiently. With regular wear and tear, it could cause deposits that might affect the mechanism of the car cooling system. A radiator flush is the most inexpensive way to handle that and read the car manual to know at what interval it requires maintenance. 

It would hardly take you 30 minutes with 3/8 Inch drive 84 piece TIGHTSPOT impact socket set to find the drain plug of the radiator and let the coolant drain completely. This is a more advanced DIY hack and you should cool your engine before draining your radiator as the temperature is a major issue to keep in mind.  

Windshield Wipers

They may seem like a minute issue but when driving on a tough road, they make sure you have a clear visual ahead. This is why maintaining them and changing them every 6 months or depending on usage, quality products are necessary. 

This is the easiest one you could do on your own but make sure to see how the old windshields are attached to the metal arm and the length of them. Again, if you do not remember how they were attached do not panic as the package of the new windshields would have a set of general instructions. 

When doing DIY, you require some quality tools including 24pc inch & metric TIGHTSPOT ratcheting wrench set, they are available in local auto shops or even online, ensure you check customer review before purchasing.


Replacing Batteries

Replacing batteries with new ones does not always require professional help. Remove the battery terminal and then clean it to remove any deposit or dirt. You could use a mixture of baking soda and water. This way saves tons of money and time too. When you would be removing batteries ensure you first remove the negative terminal but after placing it, attach it last and tighten it so that the battery does not move while the car would be in motion. It would not take more than 20 minutes. 

Monitoring the Tyres

Monitoring the tyres for any uneven wear and tear is vital so that it does not cause any problem when least expecting it. When the tread depth reaches 4/32”. Try to replace them. Make sure to check the old tyre pressure and inflate the tyres according to the user manual and recommendations. 

Using 24pc inch & metric TIGHTSPOT ratcheting wrench set to change spark plugs and if necessary you could also repaint according to necessity and liking. DIY could help you save a lot of money but stay safe and use protective gear and read recommendations for parts specifications.