SeaTable Introduces a Revolutionary Spreadsheet

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SeaTable spreadsheet solution claims to change the way how projects will be processed and managed. Rather than using multiple tools for processing different information. SeaTable solution brings people’s professional and personal data together, allowing working in a totally new manner – SeaTable – Simple Like Excel, Powerful Like A Database.

The founder of SeaTable Dr. Ralf [CEO] and Christoph Dyllick-Brenzinger [CPO] offer cloud solutions for companies and teams to efficiently organize data and information instantly without concerns about technical know-how. Simultaneously, they desire companies to control their data for better security through their self-hosted variant version called SeaTable Enterprise Server. It is a way to avert dependence on hosting companies. SeaTable technicians offer installation, configuration, operation, training, and maintenance for large and small businesses. 

SeaTable cloud platform is available in different packages – Free, Plus, and Enterprise. The free version has its limitations but users can upgrade to the Plus package at 7 Euros per user/month or the Enterprise plan for 14 Euros. The exclusive functions to enjoy in the Plus & Enterprise packages include advanced sharing permissions where users can define what their internal team and external partners can see. Locking rows allows preventing edition to the single/multiple rows. Script support offers the user the chance to implement their scripts. Advanced customization allows modifying the SeaTable solution according to business needs. 

Brands who don’t desire to handle hosting but desire to have a personal domain and logo can choose the ‘Dedicated Cloud’ solution on-premise. SeaTable technicians handle the technical support and maintenance allowing business owners to concentrate on their core activities. With SeaTable Enterprise Server, users can gain unlimited lines & storage, the highest availability, customization, and 24/7 support. 

SeaTable Team is responsible for on-premise Enterprise server installation, configuration, maintenance, and training. The license fee for Enterprise Edition is 70 Euros per user/annually. Two special packages are designed for small businesses – 1.500 euros for 25 users and 400 euros for 10 users. Non-profits, public sectors, and educational centers can receive discounts. There are no fees for up to 3 users. 

SeaTables on-premise developer edition is limitless in terms of tables, users, storage space & rows. It can be installed instantly using Docker. It is free!

A switch from on-premise Enterprise to Developer edition is possible but the users will not be able to enjoy the Enterprise features or gain any support. Unlike the Developer edition, Enterprise supports advanced authentication techniques and a cluster-able backend. It has more features than Developer Edition. Besides Enterprise license holders can gain comprehensive support like installation, operation, and maintenance. New features and updates associated with the Enterprise version are instantly available. The Developer edition is irregularly updated and has a version number attached to it. 

Data security is SeaTable’s top priority. Their servers reside in the German Data Center. They have completed the corresponding data processing agreements with every service provider associated with their platform operation. 

Gain full control, scalability, flexibility, and customization with SeaTable revolutionary spreadsheet solution. Visit their website to purchase an Enterprise license and comprehensive support!