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Sewer & Water Line Repair Guide

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Some ways that you can know that you drain or sewer lines need attention is by several things. All of these signs will be indoors of your home and outdoors like these.

One way to notice a sewer problem is outside you will see the ground is soggy and wet, or you will smell a foul odor from the drain or pipe. These wet spots in your yard are soft, because of a lot of liquids in 1 spot for some time you will need sewer repair services.

Also, you can see an increase in the number of rodents around your property or even inside your property. This will let you know that there might be some issue with the sewer so you will need sewer repair services.

Have you ever gone to your bathroom or kitchen sink and seen that when you were using the water that the water was draining very slow! This shows you have some blockage in the pipe.

The best way to remove this blockage is by what they call a snake. This is a skinny device that from 1 end you place down inside your drain and they design the snake to grab or break loose any debris in your drain pipe.

Most of these issues you will notice first hand with one simple method and that noticing that your water pressure has gotten very weak. You will notice this from using any sink or shower in the house.

If you cannot find a leak outdoors and you Smell nothing and also you don’t see any leaks under your sinks or structures, it is always a good idea to monitor your water bill if you notice a spike in your bill then this can mostly mean that there is a leak somewhere.


Symptoms of having noises coming from your drains can mean that there is a blockage or there is a potential leak somewhere in the pipe. If you would like to perform the test, turn your water on in your sink for 10 to 15 seconds and turn the water to the (off-position) Listen closely for a Gurgling Sound in the drain.


If you have a lower level to your home, then you need to inspect for cracks around pipes and or in the walls of the Concrete foundation. This can present you with the information you need to know if you are experiencing any of the symptoms of a sewer repair service or a drain problem.


All the pipes in your home like sinks, bathtub/showers, and toilets are connected to the sewer drain. This line has a lot of water that passes through the pipe so if there is any kind of leak within the pipe it will spill over and show you in your yard and like most cases, because this is your sewer it has an unpleasant odor. This is how to identify that your sewer line is cracked or broken.


Your drain can be clogged for several reasons. This all depends on your toilet, shower and sink and what you are putting in the drain.

In most cases, many people have this problem because of these items:

  • products for women (feminine hygiene products)
  • toilet paper products
  • baby wipes, even if they say that the product is safe to do so “DON’T”

other hygiene products such as Q-Tips cotton balls, etc.