Smart New Technology for Your Bathroom

2 Mins read

New smart products continue to make our lives easier. You’re probably familiar with all the recent technological innovations available for your kitchen, living room and bedroom, but you might have overlooked what is now available for the bathroom. Since this is a high-traffic area of your home, adding one of these products gives you immediate benefits.


Besides getting you clean, a smart shower gives you a spa experience without leaving home. We’re talking mood lighting, multiple sound options, temperature controls and a variety of shower head choices all controlled by you through a digital panel. Want a bathing experience surrounded by soft blue light with a gentle cascade of warm water on your skin while listening to soothing music? Just set the controls, step in and enjoy. If a steam room is your favorite way to relax at a spa, building a steam shower to your specifications in your current bathroom is now possible as well. Think how good that would feel after a vigorous workout or a tough day at work.


New toilet models have built-in sensors that lift the seat for you when you approach. When you’re finished and stand up again, the lid automatically goes down, the toilet flushes and the bowl gets a good cleaning. For those living in colder climates, a seat warmer is a great option. If you like the idea of a bidet, but don’t have extra space in your bathroom, new combination toilets are available. These include two self-cleaning nozzles that spritz a soothing spray of water and a dryer with an adjustable heat setting.


Temperature controlled cabinets give you lots of options. This means no more cold towels on your skin after a warm shower in the winter. A heated drawer will keep your post-shower towel at the precise cozy temperature you prefer. A cooled bathroom cabinet stores medications and temperature sensitive beauty products as well as your favorite drink.


Let’s not forget about the mirror. New models feature defoggers to keep your view clear and LED lights along the mirror’s edge that automatically light up when you approach it. More upscale models also add Bluetooth speakers for streaming your favorite tunes or podcast while you shave or put on your makeup.

As you continue to incorporate new smart products into your home, don’t neglect your bathroom. Adding a smart shower, toilet, cabinet or mirror will elevate the daily time spent here to a more relaxing spa-like experience.