Soap Dispenser

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Touch Australia hand sanitisers, surface sanitisers, disinfectant dispensers, soap dispenser etc. With its product options, it provides product sales services to its customers in all categories. It is possible to buy many different items at the same time, from the same place and with the same quality. In addition to its success in hand and surface disinfectants, Touch Australia has been highly specialized inside apparatus for many years.

Touch Australia products, which provide practical use with the latest technology by keeping the hygiene at the maximum level, are suitable for use in any environment. Touch Australia, which we know from soap dispensers used in common toilets such as shopping malls, cinemas, workplaces, site entrances, parks, children’s playgrounds, schools, hospitals, also brings the same quality to its customers with many products.

Touch Australia disinfectant dispensers and soap dispensers are also available in contactless, automatic, or manual options. Automatic ones allow to use soap or disinfectant without touching the device with hands. All automatic devices have motion sensors inside. It allows to use the product by spraying it with hand movement. You can adjust the spray dosage during installation. It suits any environment and has a modern and stylish structure. Headers can be used on any model.

Compatible with soap dispenser and disinfectant heads. It can be easily disassembled and installed. Easy to clean. If you want to examine Touch Australia products in detail, we recommend you visit the website. For a short time, I recommend you visit the website right now to take advantage of the campaign prices they have made on the first purchases. They currently have promotions.