Sports Betting Trends For 2021 

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 With the constant technological advancement in the different industries, one can say that people need to be in the loop of everything—even in sports betting. New trends in betting have emerged to spice up a gambler’s betting experience, like how live betting in Kenya gives the best possible offers to keep people’s expectations going.

As we enter the first quarter of 2021, here are some betting trends that you need to know.

  • The Advancement of E-Sport Betting

No one expected how 2020 shut every live event down. People fond of attending and betting on live sports events had to look for alternatives to keep their game at play. E-sports became the answer. 

  • Player Tracking is Emerging

Have you ever considered checking out on a player’s health, fitness, or lifestyle activities? The player tracking trend does this. Although this feature is not widespread, some people believe it will be an excellent feature to add in sports betting and eventually be a good strategy for bettors to consider who their pick would be, based on the provided real-time data.

  • Easier Last-minute Betting

Gamblers who have spent an enormous amount of time in sports betting can predict results quickly as possible, while some gamblers need time to see if their preference is towards the winning streak. Last-minute betting made it easy for other bettors to observe first and place bets before the game ends.

  • Free Bonuses for New Bettors

Loyal bettors usually receive bonuses for their consistency in taking part in a game of betting. But as part of the new trend in sports betting in Kenya, rewards are also given to new bettors who would like to try their luck. Free bets and other bonuses await you as you start your venture in the world of e-sports.



We can provide more information about the latest trends in e-sports betting through this infographic.

Sports betting Kenya trends for 2021