Spring Has Come To Marbella, And So Will You?

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Marbella is widely known for being one of the favorite destinations of all the high society from everywhere, not only from all over Europe, but from all over the world. And it is that among all the beaches, the parties, all the most exclusive stores with the biggest brands, restaurants with chefs of international stature and more, it is not uncommon to find the most famous, wealthy, and even members of politics and international royalty.

However, this ostentatious welcome also goes hand in hand with the traditional charm of Andalusian towns, and it is that in Marbella, hand in hand with luxury, modernity and design, you will find all the traditional architecture that we could expect from more tourist destinations. modest, resulting in a unique aura of peace and disconnection, but with all possible comforts.

Don’t let the luxury fool you! Marbella is quite welcoming for everyone!

While all that luxury and exclusivity for which Marbella is so famous can discourage more modest visitors, the truth is that Marbella is a tourist destination that can adapt to the needs and budgets of any type of visitor.

Especially during the low seasons, there are usually quite attractive offers in terms of accommodation and transport that make it quite easy for the pocket to know the charms that the city has to offer.

Although Marbella may seem a bit far from the nearest airport, Malaga, the truth is that there are a huge number of Malaga to Marbella transfer services that can be consulted as soon as you arrive in the city. In lower seasons, availability is usually immediate in both transport and accommodation, which also translates in many cases to significantly lower prices than in higher seasons.

Marbella in times of COVID-19

It is no secret that the health situation that has affected the entire planet has dealt a tremendous blow to the tourism sector in all parts of the world, albeit to different measures. Being Malaga, Marbella, and in general the entire Andalusian province, some of the strongest tourist destinations in the entire region, and cities that are fully prepared to receive visitors continuously, they have not spared in taking the necessary precautions to provide so much to the citizens as to visitors all possible protection.

And it is that the measures are evident from the moment you enter the province through the airport, which is heavily shielded according to the protocols. It is precisely because of this measure that visitors are advised to rent cars instead of using public transport; Not only will they have greater freedom of movement, but they will be less exposed by not having to expose themselves as much to urban transport.