Storage Units: Everything You Need To Know About Storing Rugs

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Keeping your nice rugs in storage units can be very nerve-racking. Aside from holding insurance on your storage unit, you should make sure that you are storing your rug properly to keep it protected. Here are some of the best tips for keeping your rug safe while in storage.

1. Clean

Always clean your rug before you store it. Do this by vacuuming to ensure that all debris has been removed. After you have finished vacuuming, clean the bottom of the rug according to manufacturers’ guidelines.

2. Protect It

When a cloth item is sitting for a long time, it runs the risk of being damaged by insects. The application of a fabric-friendly insect repellent should be done after cleaning the rug.

3. Roll It Up

If you’re keeping your rugs in storage units, be sure to avoid misshapen rugs by rolling them up tightly. The pile should face inward if it is the most delicate area of the rug, or outward if the base is more delicate. Make sure to keep the rug straight while you are rolling it and never fold your rugs.

4. Wrap It Up

The fabric helps protect your rug from dirt, debris, and bugs. Wrap your rug in a cloth protective wrap before storing it.

5. Keep It Off The Ground

Leaving your rug on the ground exposes it to dirt and debris as well as other insects. It’s also not recommended to store anything on top of the rug, as it can cause it to lose shape or even lead to slight breaks in the base.

6. Rugs in Storage Units

Every few months make sure to stop by the storage unit and check on your rug. Unroll it to ensure that no insects or other debris have gotten inside and check for signs of damage. Once you’re done, roll it back up using the guidelines listed above.