Tendon Boots: Ensuring the Safety of Your Horse

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As horse owners, we know the importance of keeping our horses happy and healthy. When it comes to ensuring the safety of our horses, it becomes essential to take all precautions necessary. One of the essential gears in a horse’s wardrobe is the tendon boots. Tendon boots are designed to provide added protection and support to a horse’s legs during exercise, training, or riding. In this blog post, we will dive deep into tendon boots, their features, the benefits they provide, and important considerations to keep in mind when purchasing them.

Types of Tendon Boots:

There are various types of tendon boots available in the market designed for different activities. The Basic tendon boots are made of neoprene, which is the most commonly used material for a horse boot. These boots are inexpensive, water-resistant, and resistant to wear and tear. Open-front tendon boots are designed to protect a horse’s legs from any injuries caused by jumping. They are sleek and lightweight, and they promote easier movement and better jumping. Finally, Boots with plates offer more protection to the horse’s legs while training or during heavy exercise, thus enhancing their performance.

Benefits of Tendon Boots:

Tendon boots serve many purposes, but their primary purpose is to provide support and protection to a horse’s limbs. The boots can protect horses’ bones, tendons, and ligaments, thus minimizing the chances of any injuries. Tendon boots also help prevent various leg injuries and can even protect against spinal joint degeneration due to the shock-absorbing material they are made of.

What to Consider When Purchasing Tendon Boots:

One of the essential things to keep in mind when purchasing tendon boots is the level of protection they provide. You must ensure that the boots are comfortable, have a secure fit, and have good quality materials. It is advisable to talk to a professional before purchasing and get your horse’s size measured correctly. Also, consider the activity you’ll be doing with your horse, as different activities require different kinds of Tendon Boots.

Maintenance and Care:

Tendon boots need proper care and maintenance to last long and provide effective protection. Regularly cleaning, conditioning, and drying them out after every use helps prolong their lifespan. Also, make it a habit to check your horse’s tendon boots for any damage, wear, and tear to ensure that you identify issues and fix them before they cause significant harm.


Tendon boots are a must-have accessory in a horse’s wardrobe, especially if you’re into serious training, jumping, or other sporting activities. Remember to consider the type and level of protection you need before you make a purchase. Whether you’re a professional or a beginner, investing in good quality Tendon boots provides the necessary support and protection your horse needs. Ensure to take proper care of your horse’s tendon boots and regularly check for any damage. Your horse’s safety is essential, and Tendon boots go a long way in providing them with the added protection they need.