Test Your Kids’ Wits and Composure by Using Escape Rooms

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Are you tired of the usual Netflix and family board game routines? Are you worried that your kids sit behind the screen for too long? No need to worry! Escape room games got you covered.

An escape room game gives you the thrill of solving problems while allowing you to work together with your kids and loved ones as a team. The games are usually adapted to a video game or real-life event and are designed to test the wit and composure of the players by throwing scintillating quests at them. The quests are modified to lead the players through many challenges, ultimately leading to the final key used to escape the room.

Of recent, numerous individuals have turned to escape rooms as a source of entertainment. As a result of the increased demand, various games have been created to satisfy the voracious appetites of the players. Although engaging in an escape room activity can be beneficial for you and your kids, it is crucial that you select a game that would encompass the participation of everyone in the group so that no one feels left out.

Choosing an escape room game

There are many escape room activities, with each having different game settings and quests. And with the varieties of game rooms in existence, one can easily get lost in the myriad of available options. So here are the top factors to consider when choosing the perfect escape room game for your kids.

Nature of the game: The quests and scenes in an escape room can vary from haunted medical laboratories, world war one event, and even scenes from popular TV shows like Harry Potter. When choosing a game for your kids, pick a game that would resonate better with the players. The aim is to learn while having fun; keep that in mind while you rummage through your options.

Age demographic of players: most games are crafted to serve players within a specific age demographic like 10-13, teens 15+, and even adults. The challenges within these games have been created to engage the intellectual capacity of players within the specified age range without them feeling bored or overwhelmed. So pick a game that everyone can participate in without feeling left out. Don’t forget that there are games available for families with a wide age range gap.

Playing time: the playing time of most games can vary from 45 minutes to 60 minutes. Therefore, before picking a game for an event, consider the available time so you don’t choose a game that would be longer than the allocated time for the event.

Benefits of an escape room game

Escape room games have been shown to promote a lot of benefits in kids and adults alike. While active participation can help improve communication and social skills, other advantages include:

Enhances Teamwork: Games usually require the participation of all team members, and the challenges are guaranteed to indulge even the most introverted person in the room. For example, playing an escape game helps individuals connect easily without feeling awkward.

Sharpening fine motor skills: Solving a quest in the room involves making use of the available clues. However, the clues are usually hidden and require rapt attention and awareness of your surroundings before they are discovered.

Promotes critical thinking and improved decision-making: the puzzles in the game rooms are intended to challenge and stimulate the intellectual capacity of the players. By solving a puzzle successfully and escaping the room, kids can learn to solve problems and make better decisions in the real world.


Escape room games are a perfect way to connect with your kids and loved ones. Regardless of the age gap between you and your loved ones, there’s a game out there designed specifically to help you bond with your family and prepare your kids for the fast-paced world that awaits them.

Even if you don’t want to spend your Saturday locked up in a room at a distant location, You can use a DIY escape room kit from Lock Paper Scissors to transform your living room or even your next event into your private escape room game.