The Aspects of Nail Coloring: The Healthy Nails

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As we know that having healthy nails doesn’t just mean flawless nail polish, here are tips to adopt from now on according to the brand, experts and another chat with the people here:

Hydration is the secret

The whole body asks for hydration, including nails and cuticles. Do not forget that this skin also needs to be hydrated.

Let the nail breathe

You can do the nail at home or at the beauty salon with your manicure. Regardless of the choice, let the nail “breathe”, that is, remove the nail polish one day before applying the color again. This practice makes your nails healthier. There are products for this break, such as restorative serum.

Use polishing paper

The item should be used when the nail is without enamel nail polish. This sandpaper helps to make the nail smoother and more level. In addition, it gives a natural shine to those who are not a big fan of always using nail polish.

The product has four different surfaces. Two of them are rougher and should be used to remove the ripples. Choose the side according to the need. There is a softer surface to start polishing. The other side is the finisher, which will ensure the shiny look of your nails in a subtle and natural way.

Take care of cuticles

If you have problems in this area, look for a reducing cream. The trick is to massage the cream and push the cuticle, instead of removing it. With constant use, the volume of this skin will reduce.

There is also a method that has already won the heart of bloggers who do not use pliers to remove the cuticle. The instrument used resembles a little dentist’s engine it was even inspired by it and helps keep your nails clean. See more details of the technique to care for cuticles.

Attention to the base

The coloring process starts with the foundation and it is important that it is a brand you trust. Give preference to hypoallergenic products as it is the base that will come into direct contact with your skin and nails.

Color layers

We have already taken the step by step so that you do not make mistakes when it comes to nail polish, but the tips do not stop there in this regard. It is worth paying attention to the amount of product that will be used. According to Risqué, a base layer and two colored ones are enough to cover without the risk of becoming “lumpy”.

Watch out for allergies

In addition to the base, it is also worth enameling with hypoallergenic products, to avoid the risk of some irritation on the skin and nails.

Goodbye, little balls

Polka dots can be a problem with nail polish. They usually appear when the temperature is very high – attention redoubled on the hottest days or for those who live in regions with higher temperatures in Brazil -, when the product has been stored for a long time and is already old or when the packaging has not been closed and stored correctly, causing some change in the product.