The Benefits of Freight Procurement Software

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Every year there are billions of tons of freight moved across the United States each year.

Coordinating the moving parts of freight can be difficult and time-consuming for many organizations. That is why many companies rely on freight procurement software to help with their efforts.

Freight procurement software helps organizations identify the best transportation services. It helps organizations rapidly source, compare and analyze bids from carriers, so they can find the option that fits their needs and their budgets.

The benefits of freight procurement software cannot be undersold. This tool has become essential for organizations of all sizes and services. The benefits include:

It decreases complexity: For many organizations, coordinating freight means coordinating a complex network of products, suppliers, and distributors who may be located not just nationally, but globally. The moving parts of this operation can be difficult for many organizations to pull off, even when there are no complications or disruptions. Freight procurement software helps to streamline the process.

It gets you the best cost: Organizations always have to be on the lookout for their bottom line. That means when it comes to freight they have to find ways to get the best price. Freight procurement software allows organizations to send out a request for proposals that they can, analyze and select based on their cost needs, allowing them to get competitive prices from a range of potential contractors.

It gets you the best carriers: Not only can freight procurement software help your organization get the best cost for your needs, but it can also help to ensure that you are working with a contractor that has a good track record. That’s because the software integrates smart data that will help you look at a contractor’s historical performance, safety record, capacities, and modes of carrying freight. These are all important factors when deciding who you will partner with for your freight needs.

It streamlines the entire process: Many procurement managers have a complex list of tasks they are managing, and they can’t spend all of their time coordinating contractor relationships and gathering bids. Freight procurement software allows you to get the information you need in a set period, and it’s all handled electronically. This decreases the burden on you and your team. And it helps that all the options are pre-screened, meaning you are freeing up time that would typically be spent screening all the options you may receive.