The best ally of safe sex: the condom!

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safe sex - condom

Do you know everything about condoms? For example, do you know which one is best to choose if you suffer from some allergies? If the answer is no, find out more information in the article below. And if the answer is yes, read it anyway, you won’t regret it!

Colored, small, large, fluorescent, in different materials such as latex or rubber, condoms are a fundamental element that characterizes the world of sex and partly also the world of porn. In reality, in most free xxx porn videos with condom, their use for entertainment needs is avoided, even if there are particular categories of videos that praise this product, transforming it into an element of pleasure.

The condom is not widely used in Italian porn for mainly psychological reasons. The viewer becomes more aroused in seeing sex without something that could be seen as a filter. However, in the world of private sex, it is widely used. It is essential to know all the secrets that characterize it to avoid wasting money on purchasing condoms that are not suitable for your needs and are perhaps harmful to your health. The condom seems to have existed since the time of the Egyptians. Still, it is only from the 1600s that there is certain information regarding contraceptive and disease prevention tools, dedicated to male use, manufactured in the guts of various animals.

Thanks to technological developments today, condoms are mostly made of silicone or latex. They help prevent 99% of the risk of unwanted illness or pregnancy. Several types on the market can make sex more fun or extravagant. First, noteworthy is the retarding of condoms. Thanks to their action, the man can maintain an erection longer with condom. But they are not the ones who allow you to have fun while keeping the relationship safe. In fact, there are condoms made of an ultra-thin material that allows for comfort equal to wearing nothing on your big cock. There are also condoms entirely dedicated to female pleasure. They are covered with grainy ribs that will enable the woman to enjoy more than without a condom.

In this sense, therefore, especially using the latter type, it could be exciting and exciting to try a new kind of sex such as anal sex if it is customary not to use any kind of precaution. Finally, it is essential to underline that condoms are not compatible with most oil-based or silicone-based lubricants on the market. Therefore, I recommend that all those passionate about anal sex get water-based lubricants and use a condom simultaneously to avoid unpleasant friction and subsequent redness. A curiosity that probably few people know is that there are entirely female condoms, from an internal position just as if it were an inverted male condom!

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