The best places to find hairstyle inspiration in 2022          

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Where can you keep up to date with the coolest new hairstyles for 2022? If you want to look your best during the year ahead and remain on trend, it’s essential to know which hair fashions to follow. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered. Read on to discover the best sources of hairstyle inspiration in 2022 and what they reveal.

The importance of Instagram

Instagram and hair are a match made in heaven. What better place to have all the latest hairstyle trends at your fingertips? The site is home to millions of posts about hair, with users adding fresh content every day; Instagram Stories is used by more than 500 million accounts daily.

Recent data compiled by All Things Hair showcases the value of Instagram when it comes to hairstyle inspiration. According to the research, #Balayage was used in 28.1 million Instagram posts during 2021. That was followed by #BoxBraids, with 6.8 million posts, #Bob with 6.4 million and #Bandana with 4.4 million.

Other social media sites also have plenty to give when it comes to hairstyle inspiration. Although the All Things Hair researchers established that Instagram is the most popular choice for hair trend inspiration (22.33% of survey respondents voted it such), TikTok and Pinterest both held their own and attracted considerable interest, at 19% and 15.67% respectively. 

From magazines to movies

Magazines – both digital and printed – are another classic source of hairstyle inspiration. Whether you’re seeking the latest styles from catwalks around the world or the hottest celebrity looks from the red carpet, there is a treasure trove of magazines out there to help you find what you’re looking for.

If you prefer to absorb your hairstyle inspiration in video format, rather than still images, then movies and TV series are the ideal way forward. Whether it’s the latest Netflix must-watch binge series or the newest Hollywood blockbuster, the inspiration you’re seeking is out there. You just need to invest in some popcorn and commit to spending a bit of time on the sofa to find those perfect hairstyles.

The social side of hairstyle inspiration

After a grueling couple of years of lockdowns and isolation, you’ll no doubt be pleased to consider the social side of finding hairstyle inspiration in 2022. Why not reach out to your friends for their thoughts on what looks good, which are the best products to use and haircare and styling tips in general? And share some tips of your own, for good measure.

Think local

One key advantage of reaching out to your friends regarding their thoughts on the latest hairstyles is that hair trends can often be fairly localized. For example, while balayage was the subject of the most Instagram hashtags when it came to hairstyles in 2021, it was the French bob that led the ranks of the most searched for styles in California for the year. Meanwhile, in Tennessee, it was money piece hair that topped the table.

These local trends make an important point: if you’re looking for hairstyle inspiration, it’s key to understand the looks in your local area. Just because the models in Milan are sporting a certain style doesn’t mean that it will translate into something that’s appreciated in your neighborhood!

How to turn inspiration into reality

If you’re ready to move beyond simply looking for hairstyle inspiration and opt for a restyle for 2022, the first thing to do is assess the condition of your hair. Do you have split ends, or is your hair dry and prone to breakage? If so, it might be worth investing a bit of time into improving its condition before you plunge into a new style, particularly if it’s one that uses chemicals, such as going blonde or relaxing your hair. After all, the better condition your hair is in to start with, the better the style is likely to look.

Your hairdresser can help you here. A trim and a conditioning treatment in the salon can work wonders in terms of rejuvenating your locks. You can also put some effort in to achieve this at home. Conditioning masks and oils aren’t overly pricey and can deliver excellent results when used regularly and correctly. You can also trim your own hair at home, or at the very least dust it for split ends, provided you use a proper pair of hairdressing scissors (any other kind can damage the hair, so don’t even think about reaching for those kitchen shears!).

Avoiding hot styling tools and washing your hair with colder water can also help to boost its condition and appearance, while air drying instead of blow drying can help to minimize breakage too. These are all easy steps that you can take to ensure your hair is ultra-healthy before you indulge in a 2022 restyle.

Time to hit the salon

Once you’ve found the hairstyle that you want to emulate, and worked to enhance the condition of your tresses, it’s time to head to the salon. Put yourself in the hands of a professional you trust and enjoy the process of creating your new look.

Could you restyle your hair at home? Yes, absolutely, and doing so could save you plenty of cash. However, if you’re going for a major overhaul, it might be worth paying salon prices, particularly if you’re coloring your hair blonde or going for a cut that might be tricky to do yourself. After all, you’re looking for a restyle, not a hair disaster!

Our final tip is to stock up on products before you go ahead with your new style. If you’re coloring your hair, that means buying a shampoo and conditioner suited to your new color. If you’re curling your hair, you’ll need some curl definition products. And whatever you’re doing, you’ll need a good old nourishing hair mask to use once a week to keep your new style in tip top condition.

All set? Great. Have fun finding the perfect hairstyle inspiration and creating your new look!