The Importance of a Marriage Certificate

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A marriage certificate can be one of the most vital documents in your possession. It is a certificate that proves that a marriage has taken place between two people. People can use this for different legal purposes. Every couple can get hold of a marriage certificate within a month or two after they are married. This will be delivered to them regardless of whether they married at the church or at the court. If you have received the certificate recently, then it is important that you keep good hold of it. Let’s find out what are the benefits of this certificate.

  • Sharing Health Benefits – in order to share the health benefits, or claim a pension or medical insurance, you have to produce a marriage certificate to prove that you are the legal spouse. If you are planning to take advantage of the added coverage of a marital plan then you have to send your insurance company a copy of the certificate. To claim such health benefits, companies will always ask you for the certificate.
  • Filing Taxes – a lot of couples are not aware of this but filing for taxes jointly can bring a lot of benefits to married couples. However, to get these benefits you have to produce a valid marriage certificate to the government office. You will also have to go through a process of changing names and send the right documents before the taxes can be filed. The details should match with the information that is there on the social security documents as well. You can save a lot of money by filing for taxes together and use it elsewhere.
  • Getting Better Loans – in case you need financial support, regardless of what the purpose is, a certificate of marriage can be beneficial for you. When you have a joint bank account with your spouse and he/she has a good credit score, it becomes easier for you to get verified for loans. You can even get credited for a mortgage. The presence of good credit scores and a healthy credit history helps you to attract lower interest rates over time. Banks are more than happy to give loans to those who have a good credit score and history. They also receive extensions from the banks for paying off loans without the extra interest.
  • Pensions and finances – in case one of the partners is deceased, the other person can easily apply for pensions and other finances using a valid marriage certificate. A partner can reach out to the company and ask for a pension from them. He or she can even apply for financial help from the state by showing the marriage certificate. This is a great way to get financial help from the government institutions.

So, here are the top benefits you can enjoy when you have a valid marriage certificate. In case you have misplaced your certificate, you can get replacement marriage certificate.