The Lifeline Telephone Program — Providing Low-Income Families with Monthly Telephone Bill Discounts

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Many families across the US are economically challenged and are unable to afford the essential lifeline of a telephone. In order to remedy this problem, Department of Human Services offices around the US in conjunction with the FCC and local telephone companies participate in the nationwide “Lifeline” program to assist low-income families with providing discounts on their monthly phone bills. Read on to learn more about the Lifeline Telephone Program.

What is the Lifeline Telephone Program Designed to Do?

The Lifeline Telephone Program is designed to prevent the shut off of phone service and to assist with the paying of phone deposits and connection fees.

What Does the Lifeline Program Provide?

The Lifeline program provides eligible lower-income and poverty-level families with a telephone bill discount of up to fifteen dollars off from the local service portion of their monthly telephone bill.

What Does the Lifeline Program Not Provide?

This program does not typically provide any discounts for long-distance calling or additional features such as caller ID or call waiting.

How Long Does the Lifeline Telephone Program Last?

The Lifeline Telephone program can be in effect for a year or more. Be sure to look up your state guidelines for the program.

Who qualifies for the Lifeline Telephone program?

Any person who is on a public assistance program such as SSI or food stamps is eligible to apply.

Cell Phone Assistance Program 

You may be eligible to obtain a free cell phone if you meet certain income and program guidelines.

In addition, you could potentially get a number of free minutes per month.

How to Apply for the Lifeline Telephone Program?

You can apply for the Cell Phone Assistance Program Oklahoma by contacting a local telephone company that offers this type of assistance.