The Right Solutions for Having Wealth

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Money is one of the most sensitive issues, but one of the main questions in this area is knowing does money matter?

As the saying goes, does money buy happiness? Or only contributes to it?

In this article, we will go over the principles of money and explain why money is important, in terms of the future and self-building.

See money as leverage, yes, as material, no.

How important can money be, or should it be?

Money can be earned

For many, the relationship with money can be complicated: if money does not bring happiness, we can say that it contributes greatly, since it offers significant financial security, synonymous with peace of mind. If you read the Evergreen Wealth Formula reviews you will find the best solutions now.

Depending on the country, some expenses are not covered and yet are essential, as is the case for health expenses: in this case, having money is important, to contemplate the future calmly. Before talking about the importance of money, we must necessarily talk about its origin.

For example, jealousy of millionaires or people making a good living is relatively common, since it creates a feeling of complexity or inequality.

Yet, did you know that 90% of current millionaires or billionaires have not benefited from some parental inheritance? It means, in other words, that they earned this money by the sweat of their brow.

So, to know the importance that money has for you, it comes down to talking about its origin and therefore, your vision of work and, more broadly, your vision of life.

Getting money is necessarily conditional on effort: it is earned, whether through work or some other activity.

Pay attention to the ease: easy money is never free . You lose your dignity or your integrity.

Money is therefore a tool for dealing with the vagaries of life, and for living, quite simply.

See money as a safety net

It is important to distinguish two dimensions of money:

  • The material vision of money (it belongs to us, we must keep it)
  • The constructive dimension of money (it’s a way to grow, invest, evolve)
  • This will determine the level of importance that money has for you, and should be.

Indeed, considering money as a simple tool for carrying out investment projects has a beneficial effect. Money is above all a safety net, whether it is to take risks (invest) or build wealth. It is therefore associated with a form of longevity, but since money is conditioned on a job or an activity, finding alternative solutions to maintain income is important.

More broadly, money is therefore important to consider the future, especially retirement, where income is scarce or dwindling. Money should therefore be a safety net: there is no question of hoarding money in your bank account just for the sake of seeing multiple zeros when you open your app, no.