The various qualities of the criminal lawyer

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The criminal lawyer must master the Code of Criminal Procedure and new technologies in order to effectively represent his client. He must be able to manage all the decisions taken by the judge and influence the whole procedure.

Having a fairly wide field of intervention, he must have multiple human qualities, including the ability to express himself in writing and orally. Also, he must have an excellent sense of persuasion in order to convince his audience. Each file needs to be well handled, he must have an excellent sense of analysis, organization and a good spirit of synthesis.

Besides this, the Overland Park Lawyer must have a capacity for logical reasoning and carefully handle all the information presented to him. In addition, he will know how to be responsible, respectful of the values ​​to which he has taken an oath and honest.

When to call a criminal lawyer?

It is recommended that a criminal lawyer be called upon from custody, during an immediate appearance, during a hearing with the investigating judge, during an indictment or as soon as a complaint is filed at the police station. The role of the criminal lawyer is to ensure that the rights of the accused are respected and that the injured civil party obtains damages and reparations.

The criminal procedure is made up of three stages: the filing of a complaint, the judicial investigation and the trial. If the procedures are for the most part quite long and restrictive, it is advisable to be well accompanied to live it more serenely. Recourse to a criminal lawyer is recommended when a case cannot be resolved amicably.

As the law is a bit complex, the lawyer acts as an interpreter between the client and the judge. In addition to having a perfect mastery of the time limits of the procedure, he will also know how to interpret legal texts. To learn more about criminal law and the various court procedures, click here .

How to choose a criminal lawyer and where to find him?

The choice of criminal lawyer should not be taken lightly. In order to simplify communication, it is recommended to choose a professional working near his home. In addition to this, it is necessary to be accompanied by a lawyer expert in the matter and especially a lawyer who is used to all criminal proceedings. You can opt for someone who has been involved in similar matters.

In addition to this, the criminal lawyer must have a strong personality in order to stand up to courts and police services. Person of confidence, he must be attentive to your needs and your requests. Before hiring a lawyer, do not hesitate to compare quotes.

What are the fees of a criminal lawyer?

The fees of a criminal lawyer are set freely. The prices will depend on relative factors in the client’s file, although it is possible to have a price quote and to negotiate the proposals before the contract is concluded.