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These 6 Low Cost Ways Can Protect Your Home

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Your home is likely your biggest investment. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to protect your house, and you’ll find many of them are affordable. Here are some low-cost ways to protect your house.

1. Be Vigilant About Snow

Invest in a snow rake, along with a sensor that lets you know when the snow is piled too high on your roof. Contact a DMD sensor installer to have it put in and then use the rake to clear your roof. Your shingles will last longer, and your home will be protected from leaks or worse, a collapse that could put you and your loved ones in harm’s way. 

2. Add Motion-Activated Lights

Motion-activated lights have sensors that detect movement and come on whenever someone approaches your home. By adding these lights, you’ll never walk to your porch in the dark. It’s also great for keeping burglars and stalkers away.

3. Build a Shed

When you have a shed on your property, you can lock up your lawnmower and other expensive equipment. That way, these valuable items are then protected against theft.

4. Add Security Cameras

Adding security cameras is another low-cost way to protect your home. You’ll be able to see when someone is approaching any of your entrances. It’s a great deterrent against burglars and even thieves who are tempted to steal any packages lying on your front porch.

5. Set Timers on Your Lights

Set timers on your lights and outsiders will assume you’re home. It’s a smart move to keep the burglars out while you’re away.

6. Mow the Lawn Often

Mowing the lawn on a regular basis is another way to deter those who are tempted to break into your home. If the grass gets tall on your front lawn, people will assume you’re out of town, so keep your grass short.