Things To Know About Company Registration Seychelles

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Seychelles is an island nation with 115 islands in the Indian Ocean northeast of Madagascar. With a GDP per person of $12.3 billion (as of 2020), Seychelles has the highest GDP in Africa. In Seychelles, particularly in the offshore industry, the current flourishing economic conditions have sparked a lot of innovative company registration seychelles.

What are the advantages of a Seychelles offshore company? How can I incorporate a business in Seychelles? This topic is appropriate for you if you’re seeking a guide to business prospects in Seychelles.


In the entire world, Seychelles has one of the business opening procedures. The most popular form for non-residents in company registration seychelles is an International Business Company (IBC), and the procedure is very straightforward.

The typical incorporation time for new IBCs is 24 hours. There won’t be much confusion because English is the commercial language of choice. Little money is needed to commit because there gets – no up-front capital – and no-par stock value gets accepted.

Privacy and secrecy are vital.

Particularly from personal information, the question of privacy has become more contentious. Fortunately, if you establish a business in Seychelles, your privacy is protected by the law. Aside from the first corporate director’s name and contact details, the – names – of shareholders, additional directors, and beneficial owners get not maintained on file in the public domain.

Seychelles is a sovereign nation and does not report to or exchange information with any other organisations. Coming to the disclosure of information in Seychelles, there is virtually little political pressure.

Fair taxation

The lack of taxation is among the main advantages of incorporating in the Seychelles. The nation uses a territorial tax system – any money you make abroad is exempt from paying taxes. Additionally, capital gains, interest, and stamp duties on commercial transactions are not subject to tax.

Your business mustn’t generate revenue inside the Seychelles to adhere to these tax rules. Furthermore, your company cannot possess property and may require a specific licence (usually for companies in the financial sector). You might – remember that, depending on local legislation, you might be required to pay resident taxes in your country of residence.

Territorial Taxation

A territorial tax system – in its simplest form, exempts you from paying taxes in your nation on income earned elsewhere.

Additionally, there are hardly any capital gains or interest taxes – in several ways – can make life easier (and more profitable).

Structure of flexible entities

The Seychelles are adaptable to business structures because they got created to support a wide range of organisational forms. Only one shareholder and one director get – required for IBCs, and they might be the same individual.

In addition, as long as you maintain your accounting records, there are no necessary tax reporting requirements or audits. However, it is crucial to understand that this only applies to IBCs that do not receive any income from the Seychelles.

Political and financial security

The state of the economy of the nation that you choose to incorporate will directly affect the future success of your business. The Seychelles’ economy has been growing consistently for some time now and doesn’t appear to be slowing down. The government has also been concentrating on debt reduction to offer additional stability.