Tips and Tricks to Win and Continue to Play Capsa Susun Online

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One of the most popular online gambling games when playing on trusted online gambling sites is Capsa Susun. A game of making cards to create a special suit. For each player will be given 13 cards which need to be arranged in 3 levels. In the first level or row contains 3 cards, the 2nd level is 5 cards and the 3rd level is 5 cards.

The special tips and tricks are as follows:

Provide Victory Goals

The first tips and tricks so you can win playing capsa susun online by preparing the winning targets that need to be obtained every time you play. This needs to be done so that you can measure how much value you can win in a day.

Look for the Card with the Highest Value

To play capsa stacking on the best online gambling sites and win, all it takes is to find the card with the highest value. Look carefully at the cards you have and arrange the order accordingly.

Pay attention to the progress of the game before selecting a bench

The trick after that is to win in playing capsa susun online by paying attention to each game course before choosing a bench to be your playing arena. This is done so one of the steps to increase the chance of winning that you get later in playing at that table.

See Steps to Play Other Players

By evaluating the game arena, you can pay attention to how each player plays at the table. For example, if it is a matter of making cards over time there is a chance that the player’s card is not good enough.

Arrange Cards Quickly

To be able to win when playing capsa susun online, you must be able to calculate the number of cards quickly. For example, how many cards have hearts, spades, curls and diamonds on them.

Patience when playing Capsa Susun

The right trick after that, what you need to apply when playing Capsa Susun is to be calm and patient. Don’t be easily provoked by emotions and put on a flat face regardless of the value of the card you have. Just a little bit you are provoked by the enemy’s movement until you immediately open the card, you might experience defeat.