Tips for Finding a Federal Defense Attorney

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Do not underrate the seriousness of hiring a defense attorney if you have been accused of a federal offense. One of the biggest mistakes accused defendants make is waiting to hire an attorney. However, the federal judicial process is complicated and often overwhelming. You need to be represented by a qualified, well-respected and experienced federal defense attorney you can trust. Here are some tips for finding the perfect defense attorney.

Get the Right Kind of Lawyer

Many lawyers specialize in federal criminal defense of different kinds. You don’t want an attorney who specializes in divorce settlements defending you in federal court. Make sure your lawyer is experienced in the type of case being brought against you but you don’t need to get too specific. Often getting an experienced and trustworthy lawyer in the right area is better than an ultra-specific lawyer.

Look for an Attorney Who Can Communicate

Another big mistake people make while under a federal charge is not asking enough questions. A good lawyer will be open to all of your questions and able to communicate the intricacies of your case to you. While you may not need to know all the fine details of the law, a great lawyer will make sure you understand everything relevant to your case so you can make the best decisions.

Get a Consultation

Many federal defense attorneys will offer a low-cost or free consultation on your case. This will let you meet the attorney and determine if they can handle your case.

Know Your Rights

Remember that when you are charged with a federal crime or you receive a targeted letter from a federal prosecutor, you have the right to legal representation. Don’t delay in obtaining this representation and your lawyer can fill you in on all of your rights throughout the process of your case.