Tips to Choosing The Best Backpacking Water Filter

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For one day outdoor camping trips, you do not need to worry about taking the accessories with you. However, multi day hiking and camping trips require you to take accessories like water filters with you.

Portable water filters let us drink the water from lakes and rivers after filtering out all the pollutants and disease causing bacteria, viruses from it. Here are some tips on choosing the best backpacking water filter for your outdoor adventures.

Consider Its Weight

When you are going on an outdoor adventure, you can only carry so much weight. That is why you should consider the weight of the water filter that you are planning on buying.

Also, keep in mind that some lightweight filters take longer to filter the required quantity of water. But you can get rid of this worry by spending a bit more on the water filter.

Speed of Filtration

Speed of the filtration process should also be considered when you are making the purchase decision. In this process, you should also consider the number of people you will need to use the water filter for, as this will also increase the total filtration time.

But the water filters that do the job quickly, even if they are a but heavy. They will save you a lot of time when filtering water for certain tasks in camping.

Type of Water Filter

Depending on your personal needs, you can either buy a water filter that uses gravity, or one that requires active participation from your end as well in order to operate properly. In these filters, you will have to either squeeze or pump the water manually in order to filter it perfectly.