Tips To Have A Great Time With Strippers

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Is it your first time contacting strippers to come to your party? Maybe your bucks night is coming up, or a friend’s bucks night is here, and you’re not sure how it all works. Well, before you go off to meet the strippers, there are a few tips to keep on hand so the process goes well.

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With that in mind, here are some tips:

Book in Advance for Packages or Events

If you have a party coming up and you need to hire strippers, don’t do it on the day. If it’s a special occasion, you should book well in advance so you’re not disappointed. You can call and choose a package, what the pricing is, get a quote and go from there. Strippers often have multiple shows on the weekends, so don’t think they’re just sitting around waiting for your call when you choose to book a stripper!

You’re Allowed to Talk To The Dancers

You may think you’re only allowed to sit back and enjoy the show when the strippers come by, but you’d be wrong. Oftentimes, after one show, the girls come around and talk to visitors. They aren’t just great dancers, the girls are also good talkers. It is a little bit overwhelming to talk to strippers at first, but as long as you remain respectful, things are bound to go well. Remember that the girls are doing a job, so if you want to talk intimately, always make sure it’s welcome before making a move.

Remember To Ask

Before you start putting your hands on the girls, make sure to ask before booking if you’re allowed to touch the girls. Some party firms have strict rules about this, for others, it’s the girl’s choice. If the latter is the option, make sure all your guests know to just speak to the strippers first, get their consent and then have good fun.

Have Cash Ready

If you want to have a really good time with strippers, it’s wise to have cash on hand. This is because if you tip the dancers, you can often get a private show. This depends on the firm, of course, so make sure to ask if tipping is allowed, or if everything is included. Remember, you’re having this event privately so there are no ATMs, you should have cash ready if you need it.

Now that you have the basics under wraps, all you need to do is make a booking and head to the parties. Strippers are a memorable part of any party, so make sure to have fun and enjoy the show above all else.

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