Top 5 Influencer Marketing Service Providers in the USA- December 24th

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Did you know that influencer marketing drives more traffic to your website by increasing brand awareness? You, in the process, can also earn high-quality and authentic backlinks.

However, all this is possible only if you have the right influencer marketing services establishing strong relationships with the right influencers. Here is a list of the five top influencer marketing agencies online today to help you with your search.


It was music industry entrepreneur Lindsay Guion who founded GUIÓN PARTNERS in 2005. It now has 65 marketing and management professionals and various partnerships with worldwide industry leaders.

The company boasts of start-to-finish engagement where they find and conquer assets and bring them connections and opportunities. They are a 360-degree, comprehensive talent agency with contacts and networking in various industries across the world.

Digital Silk

If you are looking for a superior digital experience, then Digital Silk makes an excellent choice. They work with B2B and B2C brands to craft a digital experience that promotes brand exposure and engagement.

Their services include brand, digital, and integrated marketing strategies along with optimal software development. They have a team of top industry experts to handle each project.

Titan Growth

Titan Growth uses its experience and patented technology to help grow your brand, revenue, and profit.  We have a team of SEO and paid media experts and PhDs in computer science, marketing, and more.

Each member of our Google All-Star Agency is triple-certified with Google (Advanced analytics, Search, and Display). We are also an Elite Bing, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn partner.

They provide you, the customer, a competitive advantage by identifying testing opportunities, and better search outcomes.


Mayple is a top-rated digital marketing company focused on scaling online businesses like yours. They are a team of online business owners, and marketing leaders focused on helping growing brands reach hyper-growth through minimal risks.

They have experts in each business niche to work with you and produce the above benchmark results in each industry. They monitor your business’s performance and experts’ work to maximize your business bidet and KPIs.

They use live dashboards, onboarding tools, and more to offer 100% transparency and digital experiences to their clients. In short, they eliminate maximum risks while helping your business succeed in online marketing.


An integrated digital marketing agency, Juice focuses mainly on maximizing ROI. In the process, it has helped its clients generate maximum revenue-driving success across user acquisitions and lead generation campaigns.

Today, they are an industry leader in results-driven growth strategy development, search engine marketing, social advertising, and organic search ranking and lead generation. Their focus and priority lie in building scalable and efficient campaigns that will drive results.

Now that you know the five best influencer marketing services available, you can easily decide on the best company to hire for your branding needs. Choose based on your budget, your influencer requirements, and of course, the company’s expertise and reputation.