Top Most Feature That Makes Ball Screw Unique

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With technological upgradation happening every other day, one can rely on modern machines to give shapes to materials including wood, metal, ceramic, and many more. To get optimum accuracy, these machining equipment require precision bearings of the highest quality.

One such bearing is the ball screw chosen from These are known for their long life span and durability. In addition to that, the ball screw offers superior axial strength that tolerates high thrust load. All these happen without sacrificing accuracy. It makes them excellent for high-performance actuators.

Here are the top most features that make them unique.

· Angular Contact Bearing

Most of the ball screws from INB feature steep angular contact bearings. These bearings are, however, present in certain configurations. Some of these configurations include duplex, triplex, and quadruplex sets. Besides, the presence of multi-row and single-road designs makes it ideal for a variety of mounting configurations.

·High Rigidity Series

Rigidity means the stiffness of the object. The high rigidity of the screw can resist deformation and shearing. It can sometimes be a result of force. This feature makes them ideal for machine usage.

· High Load Capacity

It is one of the excellent features of the ball screw. It can tolerate higher load capacity. Their ability to withstand the highest stress for a sustained period helps them to run smoothly, while keeping precision.

Also, to increase the load rating of the component the load bearing has enhanced contact angle and ball diameter the custom and unique design accommodate the axial loads in both directions.

· Lubrication

This support bearing works at high speed even under high load capacity. Hence for continued and clean operation, one must protect and lubricate the screw whenever necessary. The process of lubrication protects the ruler bearing from dirt and dust.

·High Speed

The high rigidity of the configuration lets them operate at an elevated speed. This particular attribute of the ball screw makes them one of the most popular screws in its domain. Specifically, if you are involved with any industry, you need to take the help of a ball screw to work efficiently.

Final Words

Whenever you are looking for a ball screw, you need to understand that this kind of screw supports the bearing while helping them to work accurately at a higher speed. It enables heavy load capacities even over a long period. One must take ball screw bearings according to their own needs and requirements.

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