Towable RV Options for Springfield RV Buyers

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For those looking for RV formats that involve towing from a vehicle, there are several options available. Some of the most common RV products fall into this broad category, which contains several sub-categories within it.

A diverse array of such options is a must for any RV dealers in Springfield, and companies like Youngblood Powersports & RV set the standard here with a strong range of both new RV inventory and pre-owned options. Here’s a primer on each of the common towable RV formats available to you, plus some of the qualities of each and how you should go about making your choice from a reputable RV dealership in Springfield.

Travel Trailer

The first and largest group of towable RV options falls under the umbrella of the travel trailer, which is identified easily by the bumper-pull hitch that sticks out behind the tow vehicle. There are a huge range of travel trailer options available, varying from smaller options for individuals or couples up to massive, spacious RVs for entire large families or other groups.

Another major benefit of the travel trailer is how easily the bumper-pull hitch works with any towing vehicle. The hitch is compatible with virtually any truck, SUV or van type, meaning you won’t have to spend extra on a new vehicle or towing capability installation.

One major tip to keep in mind with travel trailers, however: Your tow vehicle needs to have the horsepower and weight distribution to handle the weight of your RV, something you should be carefully considering during your purchase.

Fifth Wheel

When it comes to luxury and amenities, the fifth wheel is often the way to go. Usually larger and more luxurious than travel trailers, fifth wheels tend to cost a bit more – but come with related benefits.

One important practical difference between the fifth wheel and travel trailer is the hitch. Fifth wheel hitches are installed directly into the bed of a pickup truck, meaning there’s overlap between the two parts – this overlap is not present with travel trailers. This means towing will actually be easier with fifth wheels, however, as the overlap creates better stability and control while limiting sway risk.

Toy Hauler

When it comes to how they look from the outside, toy haulers may seem identical to travel trailers or fifth wheels. The major difference: There’s a large, empty space at the back that’s isolated and specifically meant for transporting powersports vehicles like ATVs, motorcycles and others. This space allows you to avoid towing a second trailer or even involving a second tow vehicle for your trip, even if you have multiple heavy powersports items to bring with you.

Speak to a qualified RV dealer in Springfield to learn more about these and other RV or powersports options.