Types and Uses of Various Hunting and Survival Knives

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Survival knives more than live up to their name as they provide more uses than mere survival. A good quality hunting or survival knife is a tool for various situations. During an outdoor trip, the best hunting and survival knives become a necessary tool in your pocket or your pack for hunting food, building a shelter, cutting wood, or digging into the ground. Below are the types of hunting and survival knives with their various uses:

Boot knife – as the name suggests, it is a knife that fits snugly inside a boot, but can also be hidden under a belt or inside a pant leg. Typically only 5 inches long, it may not be the best of survival knives but is a handy backup especially when options are running low. It can be used as a self-defense weapon or to cut pieces of cloth to make bandages for wounds or even to cut smaller pieces of meat or fish for eating. 

Buck hunting or survival knife – this buck hunting knife has a thin blade and is about 8 inches long. Because of the blade, this is the perfect knife for skinning games and slicing pieces of meat. The buck survival knife has a thicker blade and can be used for chopping wood and building a shelter. 

Folding knife – as the name suggests, this is a knife that can fit into pockets. But because of the folding mechanism, it is not often the first choice for emergencies or quick responses especially when the knife catches. However, due to its handiness, it is still a good knife to have on hand and still serves a purpose, like slicing small pieces of meat or even cutting through cloth to make bandages, or even for self-defense when used correctly. 

Military knife – by the name alone, this knife sounds high-quality and can serve various purposes. In situations when a gun will not be suitable, the military knife is a good weapon to have in combat and it aids a soldier in survival situations, like cutting through ropes, slicing food, or digging a hole. There is a wide selection of military knives depending on the branch of the military, and all of them are more than suitable for their purposes. 

Rambo knife – made popular by Sylvester Stallone in the Rambo movies, the knife has a hollow handle with a serrated edge. The knife is large enough to look like a machete and can also be used similarly to cut wood among others.

Tanto knife – known as a Japanese short sword, resembles a katana with its flat, angled edge with a thin blade. Designed to endure through repeated use, the tanto knife has a unique ability to pierce and slash effectively without damaging the blade. It can be used as an everyday knife for slicing through meat or cutting through thicker pieces of the game. 

Tactical knife – as the name suggests, it is more than a tool, the knife is also a weapon. The handle is longer than the blade and can come with a serrated edge, a straight edge, or a double edge. The best kind of tactical knife can be a combination of all three edges and can be used beyond cutting and slicing food, but also for life and death situations and is highly reliable. 

There are many different kinds, but even if you have the best hunting and survival knives, it is important to know how to use them and care for them in order to serve their purposes for a long time. Whether for collection or for outdoor use, B Merry Studio can offer customized handles for hunting and survival knives and even boasts of a wide selection of the best hunting and survival knives. Check out the store and find the knife that suits you.