Types of HDB Fire-Rated Doors

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In case you are living in Singapore, then you need the right kind of permit when you have a project that requires the installing the HDB fire rated doors. As per the rules and regulations set by the HDB, this is important. Installing the fire rated door without the proper permit and licenses is a serious offence. Even buying these doors without a proper permit happens to be a very serious offence.

A Number of fire rated doors available for you to choose

There are different rules and regulations when it comes to modern fire rated doors. In the case of the HDB of Singapore, the rules are present as well. This is why the fire rated doors are needed to be made and certified according to those building rules. Otherwise, if a wrong door is installed in the HDB room, then that can be the cause for very serious damage to the room and more.

Repairing such damages may not be possible later. For these reasons, choosing the doors from the right company is an essential task. Visit https://sgdoors.net/category/fire-rated-door/ to find more types of HDB fire-rated doors available in Singapore for your home today.

Choice of the materials also holds a great value when it comes to the fire rated doors. Normally a fire rated door with a permit can hold the fire for 20 to 90 minutes. That is enough for the residents to be ready to take the necessary precautions. However, that might not be the case for the commercial areas, there; it takes more time to evacuate the area. Therefore, opting for a 4 hour door is essential there.

At the time when you are choosing the fire rated doors, you need to have a look at the matters mentioned here:

If you are installing the fire rated door, then knowing the fire escape route is essential.

The door that you will choose need to have the ability to withstand the fire attack for at least 30 minutes. Only then it can have the permit. But the application of the permit still needs to be issued from the company.

Fire isolation

This type of door allows you to isolate the surrounding environment to prevent the spread of a fire from the hazardous area to the rest of the building. They are made of fire and heat resistant materials; and their layers, sheets and frames are designed to seal the air points to prevent the fire from feeding and spreading to other areas.

Professional and private use

Fire doors are adapted to all types of facilities and are currently widely used in areas such as hospitals, restaurants, factories and all types of shops. They are also especially suitable for homes, being very useful in spaces such as the kitchen, areas with a fireplace or heaters and rooms with electrical appliances. Having a workspace and a safer home guarantees our peace of mind.

Aesthetic and very functional

The innovative and efficient designs of this type of door allow you to choose the model that best suits you and your facilities. Swing doors, sliding fire doors, roll-up, and sectional or guillotine doors have been found to achieve a safer environment and promote the confidence of the staff.

Its practical style and aesthetic beauty provide key features for shaping a modern company committed to safety. In addition, the robustness of the fire doors makes things more difficult for thieves in the face of possible theft.