Understand Your best Solutions with the Airport Taxis

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When traveling to and from York, you’ll find that airport transfers are not typically included in the standard taxi fare. To ensure a seamless journey, our York Taxi service offers convenient airport transfer options, making your trip even more comfortable.

For our valued customers, there are two primary choices when it comes to airport transfers: shuttle buses and private transfers. These options are available for a supplementary fee and offer a hassle-free experience. Whether you’re arriving in York or departing from here, we’ve got your airport transfer needs covered.

Our Airport Transfer Services Include:

Shuttle Buses: If you prefer a cost-effective option, our shuttle buses are a fantastic choice. They will be waiting for you at the airport and can transport you to your resort in York. Plus, you’ll enjoy the same convenience when it’s time to head back to the airport for your departure.

Private Transfers: For those who seek a more personalised and private experience, we offer exclusive private transfers. You’ll have a dedicated vehicle and driver at your service, ensuring a smooth and comfortable journey to and from your destination.

During the booking process, you can easily select your preferred transport option based on your flight schedule. Whether you’re heading to York, require a local taxi, or need a transfer to your resort, our York Taxi service is here to make your travel experience as stress-free as possible. Book a taxi with us, and enjoy the convenience of choosing the perfect airport transfer option for your needs.

If you’re looking for a reliable taxi service in York that offers convenient airport transfers, look no further than our York Taxi service. We’re dedicated to providing the best transportation solutions for your travel needs. Don’t hesitate to book a taxi with us to experience the ease and comfort of our services. We’re your go-to option for taxi services in York.

Please note that if you have booked a package on scheduled flights, the transport options are more limited or not available through us at all.

The airport transfer guide, which may be in English, is most often met at the airport. If you are traveling on a scheduled flight, there is usually no airport transfer guide. Use the Rome airport taxi for the best solutions here.

Delivery time varies

The time of transfer from the airport to the first hotel in the resort will be announced. The duration of the transport varies depending on the transport you choose. Traffic and the number of stops also affect the duration of the transport.

Book a shuttle bus

At the same time, airport transfer’s customers can also travel by bus from other flights and from other countries, which means that the transport may have to wait a while. The bus usually passes through several hotels, so it is difficult to determine the transport time. Transportation can sometimes also be arranged by minibus or taxi. The guide does not travel with the airport shuttle. If you are traveling to the resort on a scheduled flight, you cannot opt ​​for a shuttle bus.

Book a private transfer

If you want a transfer directly to the hotel, you can book a private transfer. In this case, transportation is by either taxi or minibus. Private transport is available for groups of up to 6 people (depending on the resort), including children under 2 years old. When booking a private transport for 4-6 people, you should choose a taxi for 1-3 people twice. At the resort you will find out if one or two vehicles are booked. Please note that luggage space is limited. Transportation options and the number of people that can accommodate the same private transportation vary by resort. The price is indicated at the time of booking.

  • Please note that child safety seats cannot be guaranteed.
  • Airport transfer for those who have booked a flight only
  • Unfortunately, those who have booked a flight alone cannot book an airport transfer.

Combined holidays

If you have booked a combined holiday where the hotels are located in different resorts, we will arrange a transfer for the combined holiday between the hotels. There is no guide with the transport. There may be several hotel stops during the transfer. For more information on the pick-up time and place, see the guide. The Rome airport taxis will lead you anywhere you wish to go. If the combined holiday hotels are located in the same resort, you will arrange the transfer yourself and receive a refund from the guides against a receipt.